Welcome from the SQL REM Team

Now that we have shipped SQL Server 2005, the group formally known as Management Tools has been renamed as the SQL Server Manageability Product Unit.  The idea is that we create more than just tools.  We design holistic end-to-end solutions to make SQL Server manageability not just manageable... but enjoyable.

The writers of this blog are a part of the Manageability Product Unit dedicated to the relational engine.  A little about our team members:

  • Bill Ramos - Lead Program Manager

    • T-SQL Query Editor, Visual Studio Integration, Programmability Objects (Stored Procedures, Triggers, et al.)

  • Ramesh Singh - Program Manager

    • SMO, Object Explorer, SSMS Express

  • Hongfei Guo - Program Manager

    • Database Maintenance, Security

  • Paul Mestemaker - Program Manager

    • Performance Tools, Management Reports, and Best Practices Analyzer

We will be blogging about our tools, scripts, and miscellaneous tips that will help you get the most out of SQL Server.  In addition to this blog, you can hear from us in the SQL Server Tools General forum on MSDN and through webcasts on Technet.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge and hearing your feedback.


The SQL Server Relational Engine Manageability Team

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