Microsoft BI Solution Builder Tool



The BI Solution Builder tool helps customers answer the question, “What business intelligence capabilities do I already own with my current Microsoft technology stack?” One of the most common reasons for customer confusion around the Microsoft BI solution is that our analytics platform is made up of multiple products and not one single application. Because a customer may own various versions and editions of the products that make up our BI stack, it can be daunting to fully understand which BI capabilities they already own and which ones require an upgrade. There are two key purposes of the Microsoft BI Solution Builder tool:

  1. What Microsoft BI capabilities customer can use today with the products they already own.
  2. To provide detailed information and resources that align with the customer’s unique industry, use cases, software ownership, and BI preferences.

This information is captured by the tool and used to generate a customized report that can be viewed online and exported to Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Did you know?

SQL Server in concert with Office and SharePoint, helps you deliver Business Intelligence across your organization through the familiar Office user experience and provides a rich set of platform capabilities to ensure credible, consistent data and support todays analysis, data warehousing, and Big Data needs.

Let’s find out What's New in SQL Server 2012 for Business Intelligence.

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