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As you know Windows Store is opened to Malaysian developers in September 2012 and here are some of the common problems that the developers always faced - credit card problems:

I don’t have credit card, can I use Debit Card instead to sign up for Windows Store account?

Some of the developers have tried to use Debit Card. However, some of the banks’ debit card won’t work. For eg: CIMB Debit Cards. Windows Store will do a verification charge (normally 3 times) and these amounts would be reimbursed back.

Can I use prepaid card to sign up for Windows Store account?

No, you can’t. When you try to sign up, Windows Store will reject it.

I still see this notice “Please verify your payment” when I submit my Windows Store apps. What do I need to do?

Windows Store will need to verify your credit card to prevent fraud. There are 2 ways to enter the information required by Windows Store.

a) Transaction code

b) Verification Charged amount (there are 3 amounts charged, please enter either one)

How can I get the transaction code or the verification charged amount to my credit/debit card?

There are 3 ways for you to get the verification amount/transaction code from your bank.

a) Call your bank customer service.

b) E-Banking statement or your physical bank statement. Please note that sometimes you won’t see the transaction reflected immediately as the transactions are still floating, so the best is to call your bank customer service or you can wait a few days for the transactions to be reflected in your bank statement.

c) SMS. Usually the bank will SMS you immediately after you had sign up for Windows Store to tell you about the charges made to your credit card/debit card.

Depending on the bank, some of the banks do give you both transaction code and verification charged amount, some don’t and just provide you with either one.

I got the transaction code/verification charged amount, what do I do next?

Please see this slide.

I need some technical help on my apps before submitting to Windows Store? Where can I get help?

Two places to get help.

a) Forum –

b) Email –

Done, I’m ready to submit my apps to Windows Store. Any more tips?

Yes, please read this blog

That’s it and we wish to see your apps in Windows Store Smile.

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