Last Call for Windows 8 Developers to submit Windows 8 Apps to Windows 8 Store!

Calling all the Windows 8 Developers who has not  submit your Windows 8 Apps to the Windows 8 Store, please be reminded to submit your Windows 8 Apps by this week so that your Windows 8 Apps can appear in the Windows 8 Store at Windows 8 Launch.

What’s the rush to submit by this week?

  1. If you submit your Windows 8 App by this week, Microsoft will sponsor for your *Windows 8 DevAcc for 1-Year upon successful publication of your Windows 8 App to the Windows 8 Store. The payment will be reimbursed upon proof of publication.
  2. During the Windows 8 Launch, when Windows 8 devices are available, consumers can already browse the Windows 8 Store and download your Windows 8 Apps,  and you start to gain *$$! Winking smile

So what are you waiting now? Let’s submit your Windows 8 App to Windows 8 Store now!!


  1. This is applicable for Malaysians ONLY
  2. This offer is NOT open to those who already have a free account via MS programs like DreamSpark, BizSpark, MSDN Subscription, etc. (For those who are eligible for free account please refer to here.)
  3. You can gain $$ if you are creating paid app or creating FREE app with advertisement inside.
  4. Terms & Conditions applied.

How to apply ?

Please reply to and include the following details by 28th September 2012

Your full name:

Name of the app:

Progress: (in terms of percentage of completion)


What if you missed this last chance?

You can still go direct to the Windows 8 Store and try your luck, click here for more details.

The only cost you have to bare would be the Win8 Store DevAcc, which is RM150/year,  and you will get the Tool for FREE (Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8) and even get Windows 8 Enterprise ISO for free to test your Windows 8 App (either via VM on your existing OS thru a Hypervisor, or you can install Windows 8. Alternatively, you can test your Win8 App via VS2012 Express for Windows 8 built-in Emulator).

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