Microsoft BI – Power View Twitter Contest & Overview of Power View

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In case you haven’t heard of Power View, it is an interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience shipping in Reporting services in SQL Server 2012. It’s one of the features we are very excited about. Since we heard a rumor that it could be the subject of a future contest (hint hint) we are presenting a quick overview and list of resources for your reading pleasure.

Power View, formerly known as “Project Crescent,” is an end-user focused tool that provides easy to use ad-hoc reporting and data exploration for users ranging from analysts to information workers. Reports can be created from data in PowerPivot workbooks or tabular BI Semantic Models deployed to SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services. Running in a browser, powered by SharePoint Server 2010, Power View enables users to present their insights through highly interactive visual presentations.

If you haven’t seen what Power View is capable of, there are great videos for you to watch here.

For a deep-dive into the overview, click here.

Want to create a sample Power View report of your own? Click on the image for a link to a tutorial on building your own report.


Finally, we have/Microsoft has some demos you can try out that don’t require you to build your own report. All you have to do is login with a Windows Live ID and follow the instructions. Click on each of the pictures below and you will be taken to the report.

Contoso Oil and Gas sample report and model
     Tailspin Toys sample report and model

Contoso Schools sample report and model

  Picnic sample report and model


Car Auto sales and models


If you want to see how you can manipulate these reports, there’s a video demo of the Car Auto Sales and Models that you can watch here.

As you can see, there is a wealth of resources out there for you to dive into. Check them out and make sure you download and try SQL Server 2012.

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