HackWeekday 2012

Microsoft is partnering with HITB (Hack In The Box), a local Security community to have a 36-hour FREE Hackathon during the HITB annual Security Conference happening in Hotel Intercontinental from 9th October midnight (10th October) to Noon 11th October.

To all the developers, let’s join us to HACK in this HackWeekday 2012 to build App on Windows 8/Windows Phone/Windows Azure!

Date: 9th – 11th October 2012 (Tuesday – Thursday)

Time: 9th Oct, 12am – 11th Oct, 12pm

Venue – The Intercontinental KL  (click here for map)

Who should participate? All the developers who build Apps on Windows 8/ Windows Phone/ Windows Azure

Why developers should Hack on this HackWeekday?

  • You may be the winner for prize worth of RM4000
  • FREE pass to the HITB Security Conference 2012 (worth RM1.5k)
  • Get a chance to meet with experts from Silicon Valley
  • Get a chance to join MDec’s Digital MY Program (If your App is good)
  • Recognition from media
  • FREE fiber & WIFI access
  • FREE F&B

Hackathon Format

This event will be divided into two categories (10 slots each):-

  1. STUDENTS – Students from local Higher Education institutions. Entries can be on individual basis or in a group of 4 ( 3 students + 1 lecturer/mentor from their institution)
  2. PROFESSIONALS – Developers, enthusiasts and hackers from the industry. Entries can be on individual basis or in a group of 4.

How to participate?

Submit your details as listed below and email to mymsdn@live.com.my. We will then forward your submission to HITB and you will get notify if your submission is approved.  Please submit your form to us by 28 September 2012.

1. Representing… (Please select one)
   ( ) Educational Institution
   ( ) Professional Developers
   ( ) Hobbyist (Individual)

2. Full Name *Team Lead / Lecturer / Individual ( You can participate as a Team e.g Students with a Teacher/Lecturer, max of 4 members per team)

3. Team Members name (if any)
4. Your email address (To be used for sending emails from us to you, event updates and registration information.)

5. Choose your enemy *Project Category (can select more than one)
   ( ) Windows 8 App
   ( ) Windows Phone App
   ( ) Windows Azure App

6.  I'm gonna hack on ... (Project Title. What you are planning to work on during the event.)

7. Because…. (Tell us more about this project that you hate so much, you decided to hack it to improve it. Incomplete description will instantly qualifies your submission for Instant Rejection)


8. Your Github/BitBucket account (We would like to see your code. It will be useful if you have a git repository of your own.)


9. I have read the Terms & Conditions of HackWEEKDAY and I ...

    ( ) Agree

    ( ) Disagree


  1. You are encouraged to bring your own tools required to help you develop the applications/ideas during the event. This may include laptops, monitors, desktops or any sort of electronic equipment for you to use during the event.
  2. All the apps developed on HackWeekday 2012 would have to be released as open source for others to use.
  3. For more updates about HITB/HackWeekday 2012, you can follow their Twitter @hackweekday and HashTag #HackWEEKDAY.



The HITB CommSec Village is new Community and Security/Hack area dedicated to highlighting various security/hack related projects from the Microsoft Community and from various hackerspaces. These communities will have their own playground and demonstration area to show off their projects and a chance to interact with the conference attendees. Microsoft Malaysia will be having a Community area, so do you have something cool that's security/hack-related to showcase?

YES, I have something cool to showcase!

Hurry email to us @  mymsdn@live.com.my with your details and we will help you to gain the approval from HITB CommSec Village.

Comments (4)

  1. No Name says:

    This event is Open for public to visit???

  2. HI,

    Yes, it is open for public to visit.

  3. No Name says:

    Does public visitor need to register?

  4. Public visitors need not register anything. Every mini events (HackWEEKDAY, Capture the Flag, CommSec, etc) are open to public. The only restricted area are the conference track rooms. So public visitor can drop by anytime of the day to watch, socialize, ask questions or just hangout.

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