How to Activate Windows Azure


Step 1: There are 4 ways to activate your free Azure trial (90-days) account, depending on what you have :

  • If you're not a member or subscriber of any of the below, please click here
  • If you're a BizSpark member, please click here
  • If you're an MSDN subscriber, please click here
  • If you're an MPN (Microsoft Partner Network) member, please click here

Step 2: Select Malaysia on bottom left corner


Step 3: Key in your cell phone number to verify your account (we won't spam you)


Step 4: Enter your code and click on Verify code


Step 5: Enter your credit card details. We will NOT charge you unless you manually request to remove your Spending Limit.


Step 6: Review transaction - The header will reflect your subscription plan. This example is on MSDN.


Step 7: The subscription indicates that the spending limit is on. Click to turn off if you would like to use more than the allocated amount during your trial. Find out how much you're given here during the 3 months.


Step 8: Billing summary with spending limit on


Step 9: Enable Preview features – Virtual Machines & Virtual Networks


Step 10: Select subscription and proceed


You're done!


Please note that once you've requested for Azure to remove your Spending Limit, if you exceed your allocated trial limit, Azure will begin to bill you according to Standard Rates. You can find out more about that here.


Don't see a point activating Azure if you're not going to use it? Let us help you make it worth your while so you can play around with it for free without any charge to your card during the 3 months that you're given :


Activate Azure ...


You can redeem the *Starbucks card from us (we'll mail it to you). How? Just send the mail from Azure confirming your activation (or that you've requested for your Spending Limit to be removed if you want to redeem the RM40 *Starbucks card instead).


Starbucks card offer is valid in Malaysia ONLY.


Are you an ISV (Independent Software Vendor)? You can read more about our research reference on Azure here.

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