How to get your great apps ready for Windows 8?

Microsoft wants developers to be able to get their apps into the Windows Store as easily and quickly as possible. Hence, we have the steps below for your reference:

Step 1:

Windows 8 Ideation Workshop

Understand what is Metro and more importantly how to use it. Participants will be encouraged to think outside the box through use of practical ideation techniques to derive innovative application ideas. Participants will also go through a live exercise to try to design a Metro style application, and sketch the design. Then learn through demos about how to transform these sketches to application wireframes.

Step 2:

Windows 8 Developer Deep Dive HOL (Hands-On Lab)

This is a 1-day HOL that is led by a number of Windows 8 developer instructors. You will learn how to start building apps on Windows 8. Topics covered at this workshop include the following:

  • Designing Apps with Metro Principles and Personality
  • Lap around Developing Metro Style apps
  • The Developer Opportunity: Introducing the Windows Store
  • Building a Windows 8 Metro Style UI with Build-In Control
  • Labs

Step 3:

1:1 Metro Style Design & Development Clinic

If you need some guidance your Metro style application design and development, here is an opportunity to you to speak to some subject-matter experts if you are on the right track.
Attend to the 1:1 Metro style design/development clinic where by you can discuss your app design and development issues (if any) with the subject-matter experts such as Microsoft Windows 8 champs, and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). They can provide advice and guidance to you while you are designing/developing your Metro style app.
This will be a good chance to hash out any outstanding matters in your app before it is brought to the AE lab.

Step 4:

Windows 8 Application Excellence Lab (AE Lab)

Windows 8 AE Lab is a 2-hour engagement with a trained Microsoft Services Engineer. This person will run your app through a series of tests based on a quality checklist to ensure your app is (or will be) in top-notch shape. You will also get a chance discuss ways to make your app even better and you will get answers to any questions you might have.
At the end of the AE lab slot, our intention is for you to walk away with a much better app and you will be able to submit it when registration opens for all developers.
Good luck. We are looking forward to seeing your apps and helping you to make them great!

For more details about Windows 8 AE Lab, please click here.

Want to register for the above workshops?

  • Click here for the latest schedule on Ideation, HOL and 1:1 Clinic
  • Click here for the latest schedule on AE Lab.
Comments (2)

  1. Sam says:

    Direct payment to Malaysian publishers is not available on Marketplace. Will there be a same problem for Windows Store? Any plan to enable payment for Malaysia?

  2. AppHub Malaysia will be coming soon to so you don't have to go to 3rd-party publishers like Yalla ( or AppGateway (SG) @ http://​ for the Malaysian Windows Phone Marketplace (…/marketplace). Similiar for Windows 8, please wait for updates about Windows Store for Malaysians. In the meantime, Metro Apps can be published to the Windows Store via AQL (App Quality Labs). The next AQL will be in August and September.

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