Enterprise Search Crawl Logs in MOSS 2007

When the web application is created and content source crawled, it gets listed in the the crawl logs of search. But when this application is deleted, the logs still contain reference to the deleted web application. Doing further incremental or full crawls does not remove the stale entries from the crawl logs. Only way it…

Story of a mischievous Page Viewer Web Part

[In nutshell, how to display a Page Viewer Web Part with 100% height of the available screen estate.] A co-worker of mine was working with a customer and he was trying to put a page viewer web part in a Web Part page in MOSS to display his web site. On the whole of page,…


Alert emails not recognized by Outlook as "Alert Emails"

Recently a customer was following the KB 948321 and customizing the Alert notification emails being sent. He was just modifying the HTML part of it and rest using the same code. But when the emails were being received in the Outlook, they were not being recognized as Alert emails. A regular alert email from SharePoint…


How to upgrade workflow assembly in MOSS 2007

This problem generally start when you are having an existing custom workflow and there are instances of workflow running. You do some changes to the workflow and reinstall the assembly in the GAC. The new assembly is basically overwriting the existing one (it has same signature). When you try to complete the existing workflow instances…


SPListItem.Update() not starting workflow

I had a custom list and had the OOB approval workflow attached to it and setup to run on the item update. Tried and tested the list through UI and everything seems to be as perfect as it could be. Customer was actually trying to update the list through SharePoint Object Model and was using…


The first entry : Is my smart card incompatible with Windows XP SP3?

After creating the blog account and sitting on it for last few days, finally got to publish this first entry I got a new laptop and decided to play around with Windows XP SP3, so hooked up to the network and installed it. Install went smooth and punched in http://update.microsoft.com to get the latest updates….