Public previews for mySQL, POSTgreSQL DBs as a Service

Today we announced the public preview of mySQL and POSTgreSQL database as a Service. This is a fantastic step forward for smaller dev shops that today have to manage their own database servers. Having the DB available as a Service allows them to focus on developing features, than having to worry about managing and patching…


Simple Websites using Azure Storage Blob Service

The usual route for any small business is to setup a WordPress site, buy a template and get online. Nothing wrong with that, however, most hosting companies usually start at $8-10 dollar a month. A fully functional WordPress site is great, however most websites are pretty static and don’t really need all the bells and…


Canadian Elections and the Cloud?

What do the Canadian Elections and the Cloud have in common? You don’t need to think about the infrastructure once they are over. (Yes…I am stretching that pun to its limits) 🙂 This probably was one of the most watched elections in Canadian history. You had multiple news outlets vying for eyeballs on election night….


Microsoft Azure – Canada Datacenters – Yay!!

Its official folks. Microsoft Cloud Services landing in Canada. Microsoft today announced plans to deliver commercial cloud services from Canada. Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online will be delivered from Toronto and Quebec City in 2016…   I am sure more details will be coming out shortly, but for the moment, please do…


Microsoft Azure turning 5 years old! + Azure Cloud Platform roadmap

On 2/1/2015, Azure turned 5 years old!  While Azure began with PaaS capabilities at the Professional Developers Conference 2008, it was in ‘free preview’ until the commercial launch in 2010.  We clearly have come a long way from back then. I can see such a huge shift in the way Microsoft is thinking about Cloud…