Public previews for mySQL, POSTgreSQL DBs as a Service

Today we announced the public preview of mySQL and POSTgreSQL database as a Service. This is a fantastic step forward for smaller dev shops that today have to manage their own database servers. Having the DB available as a Service allows them to focus on developing features, than having to worry about managing and patching their DB servers.

Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL provide fully-managed MySQL and PostgreSQL database as-a-service for easy development and deployment using tools and languages customers prefer, on the cloud they trust. Capable of deploying in minutes and scaling on-the-fly, the services offer automatic backups, 35-day point-in-time restores, automatic patching, and 30 days of historical monitoring data. Both offer pricing models (Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL) with high-availability, security, and recovery built in, at no extra cost.

While in preview, both Services only offer the Basic and Standard service tiers. Premium is not yet available.


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