Cloud Computing + Modern DevOps == Productivity Gains

The Productivity Paradox…When new tools promise higher productivity, but fail to deliver. I came across this concept last weekend when I was reading Tim Harford’s “Fifty Inventions that shaped the Modern Economy”. He was talking about the Dynamo’s, and how their invention was supposed to revolutionize the industrial era. When the Dynamo was invented, factories…


Updating Windows Form UI elements from another thread

In a typical Windows Forms .NET application, the UI elements are created and updated by the main thread. This thread is also responsible for processing Windows messages. For this reason, it is recommended to keep message processing short and simple. Long running operations performed on this thread will cause incoming Windows messages to queue up….


Public previews for mySQL, POSTgreSQL DBs as a Service

Today we announced the public preview of mySQL and POSTgreSQL database as a Service. This is a fantastic step forward for smaller dev shops that today have to manage their own database servers. Having the DB available as a Service allows them to focus on developing features, than having to worry about managing and patching…


Exam prep for Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions, 70-534

So you are thinking about taking the 534 exam, Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. There are plenty of exam prep resources and courses out there from Udemy\Pluralsight courses, books, guides, etc. Doing a web search returned 227,000 search results for “Azure 70-534 certification”. With all these different resources, whats a good place to start?   Lets…


Windows as a Service

We’ve all heard it….but what does it mean. Lex and Chris do a great job of explaining that means and how the new Servicing model impacts your organization.