HoloLens Developers : Are you ready?

Hopefully by now you have recovered from all the excitement around the Microsoft hardware announcements yesterday. Personally I am looking forward to the Windows Continuum experience on the new Lumia phones. Here is a quick video by The Verge doing a hands on demo.



However, I was surprised that most of my friends were more interested in HoloLens. I think the technology is super cool, but I am probably not going to get my hands on one atleast this year. I would rather focus on the toys I can get 🙂 Xbox games, Lumia, Surface 4, Surface BOOK! (my coworkers are telling me to stop drooling at this point....)

However, I did want to share the link the Developer Registration portal for those of you who are interested. There is an application process, and devices are slated to ship in Q1 of 2016. If you can think of some cool new experiences to build with the HoloLens kit, then please submit an application with as much details about your idea and application. The more details you share, the better chances you have of getting accepted. Good Luck!


Comments (2)

  1. Wade - Louisville KY says:

    Shame the phones will only be available on AT&T.   Why not the other cellphone companies?

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