Canadian Elections and the Cloud?

What do the Canadian Elections and the Cloud have in common? You don’t need to think about the infrastructure once they are over. (Yes…I am stretching that pun to its limits) 🙂 This probably was one of the most watched elections in Canadian history. You had multiple news outlets vying for eyeballs on election night….


HoloLens Developers : Are you ready?

Hopefully by now you have recovered from all the excitement around the Microsoft hardware announcements yesterday. Personally I am looking forward to the Windows Continuum experience on the new Lumia phones. Here is a quick video by The Verge doing a hands on demo.   However, I was surprised that most of my friends…


Azure Table Service

I was recently helping a customer design a web application that would allow them to track donors and donations to their organization. They had tried going the Software As A Service route, but found them to be too expensive and difficult to get started with. They had a small in-house Agile team that was tasked with…


Feature Planning and Prioritization

A customer of mine recently asked me for some help in managing the different feature requests. Their current process was to just to work on features requested by the person with the biggest stick or loudest voice :). We have all been there. Back when I was working with Windows Sustained Engineering, we used to…


Microsoft Azure – Canada Datacenters – Yay!!

Its official folks. Microsoft Cloud Services landing in Canada. Microsoft today announced plans to deliver commercial cloud services from Canada. Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online will be delivered from Toronto and Quebec City in 2016…   I am sure more details will be coming out shortly, but for the moment, please do…


Looking for Development Premier Field Engineers

Premier Field Engineers are our deep technical experts that work with customers on tough problems either in a Reactive capacity(i.e. things have gone really really bad!!), or more importantly in a Proactive manner so that things are done properly upfront and there isn’t a need to put out fires. The Premier Field Engineering team (PFE)…


User Experience through Agile principles

As an Application Development Manager, the most common question I get from Development Managers and Directors is how can we engage users and making sure that we are giving them what they want. The standard answer to whip out is transition to an Agile methodology, but that doesn’t mean much because most organizations cant make a…


Microsoft Azure turning 5 years old! + Azure Cloud Platform roadmap

On 2/1/2015, Azure turned 5 years old!  While Azure began with PaaS capabilities at the Professional Developers Conference 2008, it was in ‘free preview’ until the commercial launch in 2010.  We clearly have come a long way from back then. I can see such a huge shift in the way Microsoft is thinking about Cloud…


Is your Non Profit Organization "Cloudy"? + Free Office 365 NonProfit Offer

I was recently helping a local non-profit in the GTA setup their new office computers. I was happy to help out with the process, but I wasn’t really sure why they were going through the trouble. It was a small organization, with an all volunteer staff that hardly ever came to head office. Staff had…