Windows as a Service

We’ve all heard it….but what does it mean. Lex and Chris do a great job of explaining that means and how the new Servicing model impacts your organization.  


SQL Migration Assistance

Often I get asked what the impact would be to upgrade to a new version of SQL. Microsoft does an amazing job, but short of scouring the release notes or deploying to the new version and running a full test, it was very difficult to come up with a good impact assessment. The SQL team…


Need to find a quick link to something in Azure?

Someone at MS had a really cool idea to create shortcuts to Azure documentation. Need to quickly find out more about a specific Azure offering without having to click around…just go to<the thing>   Here are a few examples. …   For more examples take a look at the…


New Servicing models for Windows 7 and 8.1

Finally! Further simplifying servicing models for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Windows has such a large user base that it hard to make changes to the Servicing model, but this was long overdue. Windows always released point fixes for customers so that they could pick and choose what updates they wanted. While this allowed users…


Simple Websites using Azure Storage Blob Service

The usual route for any small business is to setup a WordPress site, buy a template and get online. Nothing wrong with that, however, most hosting companies usually start at $8-10 dollar a month. A fully functional WordPress site is great, however most websites are pretty static and don’t really need all the bells and…


My team is hiring Application Development Managers

Our goal in Premier Services for Developers is to help development teams Reduce Risk, Improve Developer Productivity and Increase Software Quality. We focus on 2 primary disciplines. Application Lifecycle Management – Improve developer productivity by helping teams transform to efficient Development, Testing and Release practices. This is done primarily by helping customers modernize their Software…


Friends dont let friends miss out on free upgrades – Windows 10

The Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends on July 29th. If you haven’t updated to Windows 10, then your time to take advantage of the free offer is almost up. I know you probably love your current OS, but please do upgrade to Windows 10 and take advantage for a much more safer and secure…


Free Microsoft E-books download – Get them while they are hot!

Eric put up his annual Microsoft Press e-book giveaway. There are some great quick starts for Office Applications that IT departments can leverage as training guides for the enterprise, as well as the following title which I found very useful as a quick read and reference, “Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure: Best practices for…


SQL Server 2016 on the way

We are pretty excited with the new features coming out SQL 2016. With SQL 2014, I helped a lot of customers learn and leverage the performance improvements with Hekaton(In Memory OLTP). However there is so much more that we can now do with SQL 2016. Cloud Ready. Move between Azure and your datacenter seamlessly. Cortana\Machine…


Want to work at Microsoft?

“je ne sais quoi”…do you have it? Check out this cool webcast if you are interested in learning what the hiring process looks like at Microsoft. If you’re a job hunter or a college student looking for a summer internship, check out these great tips on the application and hiring process.