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  1. In a previous post , I presented the built-in attributes that you can use to add metadata information

  2. Dynamic Data Attributes Dynamic Dataで利用する属性を一覧にして説明してくれているBlogがありました。 これらの使い方は一通り理解しておかねば。。。

  3. dr43058 says:

    Should the partial class file be located in a particular location with-in the project?

  4. The partial class should be located in the App_Code folder. The name of the file doesn’t matter. Only make sure that the partial class name is correct. One good test to verify if the name of partial class is correct is to remove the partial from the class declaration. You should get a compilation error because another class with the same name already exists!

  5. Orp says:

    When I put metadata in global.ascx it works, but if in any other class it doesn’t change any display options why ?

  6. How can I put the values in some columns centered? Is there a specific attribute to obtain this?

    Thanks a lot.

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