BPMN stencils for Visio

Visio does not natively support BPEL or BPMN, which are both commonly used in business process management applications. BPMN stands for “Business Process Modeling Notation” and is a proposed standardization for graphical notation for enterprise processes. The BPMN working community has come up with their own Visio stencils to use to create diagrams with BPMN 1.0 shapes: …


Visio Use at Microsoft: Vaca Bubble Chart for Revenue Reporting

Visio lets people communicate business information in a variety of innovative ways. One example is in use by the Visio team for revenue reporting. The Visio product management team built a dynamic bubble chart diagram to report on Visio sales by national and international subsidiary to Visio senior management. Product management gets the latest sales…


Office 2003 SP1 Whitepaper (Includes Visio 2003 SP1 Details)

I’ve posted a whitepaper from the Office Supportability Group that details what is in Office SP1, which everyone should install if you are using any Office 2003 application.   SP1 is available as separate downloadable patches for OneNote, MUIs, Project Client and Server, WSS, SPS and Visio. Visio’s SP1 download is located here; if you don’t…


Visio Integration With MS Products: Graphical “Strategy Maps” for Balanced Scorecard

There is a whole methodology called “Balanced Scorecard” which focuses on providing access to metrics on quality, customer satisfaction, and other key business categories for success. Balanced Scorecard hinges on the axiom that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it.”  The strategy map is an important part of communicating and tracking the organization…


Visio Integration with MS Products: Export Topology to Visio From MOM Server

The customer base for the Microsoft Operations Server (MOM) overlaps pretty significantly with Visio’s customer base. Most of the IT professional desktops that use MOM have Visio installed for network diagramming, database modeling, and process diagrams. (The MOM team looked at using the Visio ActiveX drawing control in this release but couldn’t use it because,…


Get Better at Visio Using Free MS Online Tutorials

Do you struggle with getting your shapes just right in your Visio diagrams? Do you have limited time and interest for going through a Visio user book? Here’s an easy way to update your Visio knowledge: take free online Microsoft tutorials that introduce you to Visio. This is cool content that a lot of Visio…


Viewing Visio Files

When I gave my talk at the Microsoft Office System Developer Conference, I was surprised how few folks had heard about the Visio Viewer. Visio has shipped a free viewer for the last two releases of the product. You can download a Visio Viewer for Visio 2003 and a Vsio Viewer for Visio 2002. The…


Free 30-Day Visio 2003 Trial

There is a 30-day trial version of Visio 2003, if you want to check it out. Almost everything I blog about is based on Visio 2003. If you have an earlier version or have never installed Visio, you can check out the trial version of the latest and greatest Visio. Thanks,Mai-lan


Visio Use at Microsoft: New Product User Interface Design for Program Managers

Among other things, Program Managers at Microsoft design the user interface experience for the next generation of product. We work with our graphic designers determine the goals, color, font, and common design elements for screens, but in many groups PMs put together the actual screen design that get pushed through usability tests, design reviews, coding,…


Visio Use at Microsoft: Business Process Management Automation

Visio’s “visualize information” mantra applies to many different customer scenarios. In the next several blog entries, I’m going to focus on several different uses of Visio within Microsoft. I’ll show screen shots where I can (e.g., I don’t have to scrub confidential data). Hold off on questions about how all of this is implemented if you…