Visio 2003 SP 1

SP1 for Visio 2003 is available for download at: Install it. Among other things, it fixes printer problems that you might not know you have until right before the meeting that requires handouts. For example, if you plan to print in Landscape orientation to a Hewlett Packard CP 1700 printer, your document is only going to be printed in Portrait until you install SP1. Here’s the full list of issues fixed in this SP:


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  1. The documentation says that SP1 has fixed a CAD resizing problem.

    This is definetly not the case.

    Example : Setup a 1:100 A1 page – insert the sample BLDGPLAN.DWG supplied with Visio. Looks OK to start with, then close the dialog – the CAD file shrinks to a fraction of its proper size. (And the supplied CAD file is so slow). It has been impossible to use CAD files properly since the introduction of Visio 2002.

  2. Mai-lan says:

    I double-checked on this one and you’re right, this fix didn’t make it into the SP1. Thanks for telling us, we’ll pull that description out of the SP1 KB article. We will make sure that we put it in the next SP (SP2). I’m really sorry we missed this one.

    Thanks for the feedback,


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