Switch the sharepoint webpart page Display Mode into Edit Mode and Vice Versa

Recently one of my clients had a requirement to go into Edit mode of a sharepoint page using a manual link displayed in quick launch. He was lazy of going to Site Actions -> Edit Page and then again going somewhere else for Exit Edit Mode 🙂 To give some background for beginners, whenever we…


Passing multiple filter values to EWA pivot table filter cell

Filter webparts in WSS are a great way to provide filtering in many different webparts like List View, Business Data Catalog, Excel Web Access etc. They are also great way to provide data view personalization when used with Excel services coupled with Analysis Services of SQL server.This is described in detail on Excel Team blog…


Implementation of Logging and Instrumentation Application Block in MOSS 2007

Continuing the series of articles on Enterprise Library, I have written the first articleon the implementation of Logging Application Block in MOSS 2007. Due to inclusion of formatted code and images, I have directly uploaded this on Codeproject.The article can be viewed here


RSS Reader webpart with tab support and asynchronous periodic data refresh using AJAX

I have recently written my first article on Codeproject.The article describes the development of AJAX enabled webpart on MOSS 2007 SP1.The cool thing about it is the that it also utilizes the AJAX Control Toolkit including programmatically adding and styling TabContainer and TabPanel controls which can be quite tricky for a beginner. The article can…


Get RSS Url for a list or Document Library Programmatically

Recently I developed an RSS Reader webpart which would take the RSS URL of list to render its feeds. Very much same like the out of the box webpart with the exception that it was AJAX enabled. I would post the details of that part on the blog when I am finished. An idea came…


Reveal Unknown Error on Sharepoint 2007 pages

How often you have encountered the infamous Unknown Error on Sharepoint 2007 pages. If you are a Sharepoint developer, chances are that innumerable times 🙂 However, if you are also seasoned ASP.NET developer as well, you also know the trick behind it to reveal them., which I am going to give it here. The trick…


Unknown Error on Manage Form Templates Page (Manageformtemplates.aspx)

Getting Unknown Error on this page?. No helpful clue in Sharepoint log or Event Viewer? This can happen if database record in the list of published InfoPath forms had a null where it shouldn’t be. Thanks to this blog, there is small code snippet given here which will delete the culprit entry. http://geekswithblogs.net/HammerTips/archive/2007/12/07/unable-to-manage-form-templates.aspx But make…


Performing Operations on Infopath 2007 Contact Selector Control using Managed Code

Infopath 2007 provides an out of the box contact selector control to select the user and validate against the Active Directory. In this blog, We will see, how to get more out of this control. Performing some advanced functions using managed code. For basic usage of this control, see this blog entry on infopath blog:…


Doing Data Validations in Infopath 2007 Programmatically

Infopath 2007 provides rich validation function for each of its controls. For ex, you can validate a text box or a field For conditions such as equal to, is blank, is greater than and if that field fails the validation, we can display a message box. One important thing to be noted is that, Infopath…


SharePoint 2007: using ASP.NET server side code in your pages

This is fairly undocumented piece of information which I have got from this blog http://www.bluedoglimited.com/SharePointThoughts/ViewPost.aspx?ID=242 I havn’t tried it myself, so I cannot gaurantee its completeness. I am posting it here for the sake of interest and community ….. In the web.config file in the Sharepoint virtual directory contains the following section: <Sharepoint><SafeMode MaxControls=”200″ CallStack=”false”…