Resolving : Server is either too busy or not responding in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

  I recently faced this error while connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis services from Microsoft Excel 2007. Inspite of the several solutions given on various sites none of them seemed to work.   The solution was simple, you need to install Microsoft OLE DB Driver 9.0 for SQL 2005, old 8.0 drivers doesnt…


Virtual PC SP1 Networking problems

There have been a number of people reporting that when they start a virtual machine – they get the following error: The network adapter with address “00:00:00:00:00:00” of virtual machine “….” failed to initialize because the address is a null address. To fix this problem you should use REGEDIT to: Examine the key value at…


Site Definitions Demystified – Creating a custom site definition having Custom webparts

There are two confusing terms in MOSS 2007, site templates and site definitions.   A site template is a .stp file which contains only the difference of changes from the Original site definition. A user wants to install a custom .stp file must have a site Definition installed from which the .stp file was saved….


Localization in WebParts

Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server doesn’t have support of localization in multiple Languages natively. The document at   Discusses this situation. It is clearly mentioned that SharePoint Portal Server 2003 does not support a mixture of different localized portal servers on the server farm, nor does it support a mixture of different localized Windows Server…


Customization of Sharepoint Site

There are very few blogs on customization of Sharepoint 2007 site which involves direct editing uses master pages. Here is one of the few blogs which discusses this topic to the heart.Sharepoint Tips And Tricks


Passing query string to a Infopath 2007 form

Support of infopath 2007 browser rendering has opened a whole lot of options for web forms. Now instead of creating a form in ASPX , one can create an infopath form and take advantage of various submitting options like submitting to web service, database etc.One feature which I find hard to get is passing parameters…


Installing MOSS 2007 on a single standalone machine

Normal installation of MOSS 2007 require a farm of computers like domain controller, database server and atlast a web server for a reasonable performance. But if you are a home user like me, who has unfortunately only a single laptop , even then you can install MOSS 2007 on your PC without installing Active Directory…


Publishing Infopath 2007 documents in Browser

Infopath 2007 brings the new feature of rendering the infopath documents in the browser. However this feature can be slightly confusing for the beginners. When MOSS 2007 beta 2 was released I took me 2 days to find out how to render your own infopath document to browser. The steps for this are below: §…