CQD Online Templates for Troubleshooting

Probably you have seen many posts on how to create custom CQD reports; but in this post it will be more detailed on identifying issues by CQD. First i would like to explain that CQD is not a tool to troubleshoot user issues; but rather a compass to  show you where the problem might lie….


Skype for Business Rate My Call with Power BI Analysis

When you are running a Skype for Business Online environment, CQD allows you to gain insights into the quality of calls via metrics and absolute network measurements from calls meta data. The context and the actual user experience is collected through the Rate My Call, the RMC data is not currently included in any existing monitoring…


Netmon capabilities for Skype for Business online troubleshooting

Many times we need to do network trace using tools like wireshark, netmon or Message analyzer. i find wireshark overwhelming since it doesnt filter the by process, Netmon and Message analyzer provide a way more efficient user interface and filtering based on process as shown on the picture below from netmon: but even when you…