Retain Meetings, Contacts (Buddylist) and Forwarding information post Cutover Migration to Skype for Business Online

In a Cutover Migration from Skype for Business on-premises or Lync 2013 the following data are Expected to be lost: Contacts cannot be exported, so users will have to repopulate their contact lists manually in Skype for Business Online. Forwarding and Simultaneous ringing will be lost Invitation for the existent meetings (Sent from on-premises Lync/Skype…


CQD Online Templates for Troubleshooting

Probably you have seen many posts on how to create custom CQD reports; but in this post it will be more detailed on identifying issues by CQD. First i would like to explain that CQD is not a tool to troubleshoot user issues; but rather a compass to  show you where the problem might lie….


Skype for Business Rate My Call with Power BI Analysis

When you are running a Skype for Business Online environment, CQD allows you to gain insights into the quality of calls via metrics and absolute network measurements from calls meta data. The context and the actual user experience is collected through the Rate My Call, the RMC data is not currently included in any existing monitoring…


Skype for Business Online connectivity paths

Recently Microsoft released a blog article to provide awareness and guidance on Simplified port requirements for Skype for Business Online: which had an updated destination ports to the cloud that makes the high ports TCP and UDP optional. what concerns us here in this article is any traffic going through the Cloud services; so…


Netmon capabilities for Skype for Business online troubleshooting

Many times we need to do network trace using tools like wireshark, netmon or Message analyzer. i find wireshark overwhelming since it doesnt filter the by process, Netmon and Message analyzer provide a way more efficient user interface and filtering based on process as shown on the picture below from netmon: but even when you…


Is your Exchange Unified Messaging protected against telecommunication fraud?

What is Telecommunications Fraud? Telecommunications fraud is the process of exploiting a misconfiguration in telecommunications systems to gain access to your telecommunication platform to make calls on your behalf. Few things that are really bad about this type of exploit: The exploiter don’t even need an internet to perform such hack. The exploiter doesn’t need your users…


Azure Site to Site VPN required Device configuration parameters

Whether you Selected IKEv1 or IKEv2 the following settings needs to be configurable with the following values: Methods of Encryption and Integrity Two parameters are decided during the negotiation: Encryption algorithm Hash algorithm Parameter IKE Phase 1 (IKE SA) IKE PHASE 2 (IPSec SA) Encryption AES-128 AES-256(Required) 3DES DES CAST (IKEv1 only) AES-128 AES-256 (Required)…


Create Custom OS in Azure

1- Create you Custom VM in a Hyper-v in your local machine with disk format of VHD 2- Sysprep the Windows Machine or in Linux “waagent” Sysprep for Hyper-v VM Open a Command Prompt window using Run as administrator Change the directory to %windir%\system32\sysprep. Run sysprep.exe as shown below  for Linux: Follow the Linux waagent guide…


Create Azure VPN point to Site

1- Download the MakeCert tool from the SDK to create the certificates for the VPN: Install Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8.1 Only Select windows software development kit and net framework 4.5.1 software development kit those should be enough to have the MakeCert tool for creating the VPN certificate   2- Create the certificate: Create…