Live Mesh Invites – First come first serve

I have been using Live Mesh for quite some time now as they were our first Silverlight internal customer. Its been a pleasure to work with the Mesh team and its even more fun to be seeing your code being used in real life large scale online app. I have 2 Live Mesh invites to hand out. First two…


Setup my personal blog on a new domain. Finally!!

After a lot of procrastination I finally got a new blog on my personal domain hosted at Thanks to all the people who responded via comments and emails to my earlier post asking for suggestions on domain hosting providers. I took the general consensus and got my hosting account with DiscountAsp.Net. I got the…

Experimenting with the new MSN Messenger IM Control

Microsoft just announced the Messenger IM control. I took a quick look at it and found it to be pretty useful idea and want to test this out on my blog. Sometimes I get email from people who have follow up questions on a blog post and this would be a wonderful way to have…


Recommendation for a good Windows based web hosting

I have always toyed with the idea of having my own domain and I am finally ready to move my blog off to my personal domain. I was searching for good domain hosting providers and wanted to throw the idea out here to see if I could get some good suggestions. I looked at Brinkster…


Can you believe this!

 Funny way to welcome your new employees.  The video ends with one guy saying “this experience is going to last forever”. Translation: “I need to visit my psychiatrist to erase this memory”


Funny clip

Came across this really funny clip on SoapBox. Enjoy. Tough Guy AuditionVideo: Tough Guy Audition


Debugging the mystery of the crashing desktop

My home desktop running Vista would crash with a blue screen everytime I logged in the main console if I had remotely logged in via TerminalServices prior to that. This was happening every time I connected remotely to the box and couple of weeks earlier I found another way of crashing it. I was able…


World Record – Six sixes in an over

Cricket lovers around the world rejoice. Sir Gary Sobers unique feat has been acheived by Gibbs in ODI’s. I dont know how to compare this with any other sporting activity to explain this. Imagine hitting six consequtive home runs in the same game, now imagine doing the same with the ball bounced from the ground. Commentary from cricinfo…

Photosynth preview. Wow

First VirtualEarth 3D and now PhotoSynth.No words to describe it. Check it out for yourself (esp the 3D overview of Piazza San Pietro). Maheshwar Jayaraman