Implications of using IPCServerChannel when connection from remote clients

  In .Net 2.0 (Whidbey), Remoting introduced support for IPC channels. This was a quick way for local machine processes to communicate with objects hosted locally. Now there is a small behavior that  users might not be aware of when they are unmarshalling an ObjRef from an remote appdomain that has an IpcChannelServer registered. As…


Custom pick a Remoting channel based on Remote object Uri

One common question I see on Remoting forum is how to configure a proxy to use a particular channel from the set of registered channels for communicating when creating a proxy. For instance consider an Remoting application that exposes both a secure and non secure TcpChannel and expects clients for local box to use the…


Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Released

Update: Turns out this SP was only for the Visual Studio tools part and not for the framework. Which means the QFE wont be in this. Sorry about that (Will confirm before posting the next time). Over the weekend, Visual Studio team released SP1 for Whidbey. Usually when we release a SP, it will contain fixes for…


Debugging Whidbey Remoting AccessViolation Problem

There has been some cases where users have reported an AccessViolation when upgrading their Remoting app’s to Whidbey. Some users found that the problem reprod only when they had some anti virus software (Nod32 in particular) installed and the AV went away when they configured the anti-virus not to scan the problematic exe’s. In addition to…


Configuring Kerberos delegation in Remoting

One of the common question we have in remoting forums is how to configure Kerberos delegation with .Net 2.0. Rick Rainey has an excellent detailed post on how to configure this over at the remoting blog. Check it out!. Thanks Rick. Maheshwar Jayaraman


Announcing the .Net Remoting team blog

I am also part of the team that supports all versions of .Net Remoting. We found that lot of customers had simialr questions/concerns in migrating from .Net 1.1 to .Net 2.0 and we thought it would be great if we started a team blog for Remoting. We have our first post that talks about how…