Announcing Sync Framework 2.0 CTP2

We just released CTP2 of Microsoft Sync Framework V2. Check out the blog entry at for details on major new features.

 We have so much to talk about Sync Services for ADO.NET in this release that I cannot fit all of these in one blog. For starters here are the big features we have crammed in to this CTP.

1. New Sql CE and Sql based peer sync provider - SqlCeSyncProvider and SqlSyncProvider.

2. New management API's to automatically provision Sql and Sql Server express to sync enable tables.

3. API's to backup and restore a Sync enabled database with no loss of Sync metadata.

4. Support for 0 code support for enabling batching in all databases providers (Sql and Sql CE providers) - This one majorly cool feature.

5. Snapshot initialization for bootstrapping a new Sql CE peer from an existing peer.

6. Support for shared server sync scopes on Sql server.

7. Improved sync performance on Sql CE.

Thats an summary of the major changes that we are making available in this CTP. Each of these features will require a separate blog post and I will do over the course of this weekend.

Maheshwar Jayaraman

Comments (5)

  1. rsudworth says:

    I’m really impressed by the CTP2 release but is it correct that I can’t use sync engine 2 in live software?

    If that is correct, is there a date for the final release?


  2. Dinkar says:

    Looks the new features are really cool.

    By using CTP2  can we get the conflict change details on mobile device by raising the applychangefailed  event as we do at server site.

  3. Year thats is a nice feature. I think there is no date for the final release?

  4. Proxy says:

    I am really awaiting the stable release too.

  5. Brett says:

    I am interested in the new conflict resolution features in CTP2 but can not find any new properties or methods on the CTP2 adaptor builder or sync agent.

    Is there any documentation or examples that relate to the SQL2008<->SQLCe

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