Microsoft Sync Framework and Windows Live Favorites Sync

Windows Live team just released the beta for Windows Live Essentials. I wanted to quickly point out the new Windows Live Favorites Sync feature that is part of the Live Toolbar. It now uses Microsoft Sync Framework (File Sync providers to be specific) to synchronize your favorites folder. This is the first Microsoft product release that uses our framework and naturally we are very excited about this. Download the suite and try out the new favorites sync.

Update: Adding links to download

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Maheshwar Jayaraman

Comments (4)

  1. smbsid says:

    ""Download the suite and try out the new favorites sync""

    Hi, maybe stupid question, but from where could i get it, i googled but found nothing yet

  2. Luís Felipe says:

    I’m still having trouble with my favorite synchronize with the Toolbar … This option simply does not appear in my Toolbar, even within the Toolbar options. I installed the Toolbar on 3 computers and in any of the computers,  the toolbar did not show any option to synchronize my favorites … 🙁

    For me, Toolbar is one of the most important tool in Windows Live Essentials, ’cause I can have one click access to a lot of Windows Live services Whenever I’m on the Web … Is most important to me to sync my favorites …

    Please, can you help me solve this problem? I’m starting to think that favorites sync is utopia.

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