Getting Windows Live Toolbar Favorities sync to work

Recently a commenter posted that they were unable to get Favorities sync to work (or show as an valid option on the toolbar). Found a recent post by a Microsoft dev who debugged the issue. Read more at Hopefully this solves your installation issues.


Microsoft Sync Framework and Windows Live Favorites Sync

Windows Live team just released the beta for Windows Live Essentials. I wanted to quickly point out the new Windows Live Favorites Sync feature that is part of the Live Toolbar. It now uses Microsoft Sync Framework (File Sync providers to be specific) to synchronize your favorites folder. This is the first Microsoft product release…


Windows Azure 101 – My first Windows Azure app

I recently got a beta invite for the Windows Azure hosting and storage services and immediately set about writing a simple hello world hosted app. I wanted to test both the Web role and the Worker role so I was looking for a simple scenario for that. I liked the new Windows Live feature of…