Funny clip

Came across this really funny clip on SoapBox. Enjoy. Tough Guy AuditionVideo: Tough Guy Audition


Debugging the mystery of the crashing desktop – Part 2

Continued from Part 1: I enabled Driver verifier for Win32k.Sys and the video driver and then reproduce the crash by remotely logging in first and the logging via the main console. After a reboot, I looked at the dump and this time the bugcheck was of different error code. KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (8e)This is a very common…


Debugging the mystery of the crashing desktop

My home desktop running Vista would crash with a blue screen everytime I logged in the main console if I had remotely logged in via TerminalServices prior to that. This was happening every time I connected remotely to the box and couple of weeks earlier I found another way of crashing it. I was able…


World Record – Six sixes in an over

Cricket lovers around the world rejoice. Sir Gary Sobers unique feat has been acheived by Gibbs in ODI’s. I dont know how to compare this with any other sporting activity to explain this. Imagine hitting six consequtive home runs in the same game, now imagine doing the same with the ball bounced from the ground. Commentary from cricinfo…

WCF Extensibility – Plugging in custom message processing logic

I have talked a lot about WCF’s extensibility model and I never knew how much of the core functionality can be extended until a recent deep dive session with one of our customers developing on WCF. The client had a multi tier application with the middle tier using SOAP based messaging to communicate with the…