Microsoft releasing .NET framework source code

Microsoft is releasing the source code for the framework libraries. Read more about it here. Its not like you couldnt do this earlier. You could always have used .Net Reflector but having the ability to step in to the framework classes while debugging is neat. Looks like plans are on for releasing the source code for WCF as well!

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  1. Jigar Mehta says:

    Any details on .NET Remoting source code release?

    [Mahesh] Jigar, .Net code is split in two assemblies, mscorlib and system.runtime.remoting. The types in mscorlib is core remoting concepts such as Lease, MBR, remoting configuration and the rest of stuff in system.runtime.remoting is stuff like the actual client and server channels. So with the BCL release, you should have access to the core stuff and the channels part being added pretty soon.

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