WCF Channels AutoOpen vs Open Semantics

Wanted to write up a post on whats the difference between “auto” opening a WCF Channel and explicitly calling “Open” on it. Michael Maruchek posted a detailed and well explained post at http://blogs.msdn.com/mjm/archive/2006/11/13/auto-open-part-1.aspx. Waiting for part 2. Since Micheal did such a wonderful job of explaining the design I just wanted to illustrate the behavior with a…


Photosynth preview. Wow

First VirtualEarth 3D and now PhotoSynth.No words to describe it. Check it out for yourself (esp the 3D overview of Piazza San Pietro). Maheshwar Jayaraman


WinFx: UseSynchronizationContext Usage

One of the most common problems we debug with WCF proxies invoked from WinForm/XAML app’s is a perceived hang when duplex contract’s are involved. The app usually has a “click to invoke proxy” button that invokes a method (which will callback the client) on the server and the app will freeze waiting for the response….


WinFx 3.0 has RTM’d

Sometime last Friday, admist cheers and high fives, our lead PM resolved the last bug that stopped us from signing off on WCF(code named Indigo). Bug # 1 was opened way back when Indigo was in planning stages and with this bug we signed off on the product. Today Microsoft announced RTM of the .Net…