Is Live search usage increasing

Robert Scoble has a post where he feels that Live search is getting better. I have been using Live search for quite some time and now use it fulltime as I find it excellent. Now you may think that I am biased as I work for Microsoft but that's not the reason. I was looking at my referrals log for this blog and in the last 3 months I see that and brings in 20% of my referrals and google has gone down from 100% to about 76%. This is a huge improvement as same time last year I used to have 0 referrals from My referrals is not such a huge collection and was wondering if people with higher referral  volume see such similar spike.

I also see a lot of referrals from and I am not counting those (They also use live search engine) as that's via a Microsoft site.

Will do a similar check in 6 months to see if that referral percent goes up for


Maheshwar Jayaraman

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