Msn Messenger 8.0 Beta invites.

I just checked and saw that I had 15 invitations to MSN messenger 8.0 beta.

If anyone needs an invite leave your email.

Update: They are all gone. I will post another one when I have more invites.


Comments (36)

  1. kintan says:

    kintan at gmail dot com

    thank you


  2. atc-med says:

    Can you give me an invitation? AT Thank you!

  3. devilxelloss says:

    Yeah, I think I need one. Here is my email: midnightfrank[at][hotmail]. Thank you!

  4. gnobal says:

    I’d love to get an invite:


  5. rndlife says:

    thank you very much!

  6. Joky says:

    I wanna one,thank you very much

  7. xtreeq says:

    Would realy realy love to check out the new messenger, my email is

    Thanks a lot.

  8. Sérgio Clemente says:

    thanks =)

  9. Matthew Lee says:

    my email is

    Thanks a lot. 🙂

  10. Thewood643 says:

    you dont know me i dont know you


    who cares?!?

    thank you

  11. saamkhan says:

    my id is (
    plz send me invitation of msn messenger 8.0 beta…

  12. Jumba' says:


    Can I get msn beta

    my email adress is

  13. john says:

    i woulod like one, cld u plz send me 1, my email is

  14. jack says:

    cld u please send 1 to

    thanks alot

  15. darien says:

    hey could u send me an invite to try out the new version..thnx alot send it to

  16. Oceanside says:

    Please send me an invite for msn 8.0 beta.

  17. Vernon says:

    please send me and invite for msn messenger 8.0

  18. armaros says:

    please send me an invite for 8.0 beta

  19. ryan nicholls says:

    my addy is

  20. SatyA says:…..plz send mi an invi

  21. blake says:  – please can u send me it quickly

  22. – it me agen please can every1 send me it quickly

  23. blake says:  –  please send me it today i rea;;y want it please

  24. Addison says:

    send it to plz

  25. kevin says:


  26. Evangle says: is my mailbox hoping to receive the invitation from you thanks …

  27. alex says:

    please can some one invite me??? please pretty please with the cherry on topp??? –>

  28. Shelby says:

    preeety please send it to me!

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