From NCL to WCF

With Whidbey shipping, I made a career choice to move over to a SDE role working with the Indigo Serviceframework team. Having worked on System.Net, Indigo (WCF) provided me with the opportunity of working on a V1 product with enough time left to learn and impact V1 and VNext. I will be working on the…


Whidbey shipped

This morning .Net framework 2.0 final version was shipped out to MSDN subscribers. It was great working on such a product that impacts millions of people. As usual the entire team will contiune to monitor the forums at so if you are facing any issues then do report there.  


One more System.Net tester starts to blog

One more tester from System.Net test team Jon cole has started blogging. He starts with a good post on what HTTP 100 continue is and how to use the ServicePointManager and ServicePoint class lets you control it.  


Face of System.Net

We recently had a team photo shoot of the native Winsock and the System.Net team. Thought it would be wonderful to share the picture of people who develop and test the network features of Whidbey. Larger version can be found at here. We dont have two of our testers in the picture and will add…


MSDN article on AutoProxy support in Whidbey

Common customer feedback with the 1.1 Framework was support for reading autproxy settings configured in IE. V1.1 did not have support for this and neither had support for specifying a JavaScript location that determines what proxy to use. .Net framework 2.0 now has full support for reading autoproxy settings and also supports provinding autproxy script…


.NET Smtp Client implementation and Gmail – Customer feedback Bug

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, we have set up a forum for answering customer issues and problems they encounter in using the new API’s in Whidbey beta2. This forum has been an interesting place where we see unique scenarios and also some genuine scenarios failing that should be working. One such issue…


Newsgroup for System.NET Whidbey questions

We have a newsgroup that has been specifically opened for System.Net questions for Whidbey Beta2 of the framework. Though its for 2.0, I am seeing people post questions on v1.1 and 1.0. I highly encourage people to post questions/issues there as its being monitored by all PM’s and by some SDE and SDET’s (even those…


New/Improved System.Net features in Whidbey Beta 2

Well now that Whidbey beta2 has been released, I wanted to mention some of the new features that have been added to this release from the System.Net namespace view point. With the usual bug fixes we have introduced some new features in Smtp, Udp, Ssl Sessions , remote server certificate validation callback and Caching. Smtp:…


Coming Soon

Hi I had not posted at all this year as we were busy getting Whidbey Beta2 ready for public release. Beta2 is just round the corner and I have some posts that I would like to explain about the new features that we have added/fixed from beta1. Some topics that I will be posting on soon…