New year and new beginings

Hi, I have recently made the decision to start on a new adventure outside Microsoft. With me moving out of Microsoft, I will no longer have access to manage this blog. For the past couple of years I have been cross posting all my posts on my personal blog at and moving forward that…


Sync Framework 4.0 CTP Refresh Now Available

As mentioned in my earlier post the 4.0 CTP refresh is now available. It contains the UI Helper for SyncSvcUtil.exe command line tool in addition to the iPhone sample client for the Lists sample. Please download the bits from here. We have also updated the documentation in this refresh which now shows step by step…


Announcing Sync Framework 4.0 CTP

Back in Mix 10 we showed an application built with the intention of extending the Sync Framework to Silverlight platform. This enabled rich apps built on Silverlight for desktop and Windows Phone 7 to participate in a sync topology. At that point we only showed an application built on our early thinking. Since then we…


Announcing the availability of the MIX10 Session Planner (Beta)

Sorry for the radio silence the past couple of months. We have been working on our the next version of Microsoft Sync Framework and as part of that we decided to do a little preview of our work at MIX10. For starters we have made the MIX10 Session Planner (Beta) public that provides an offline…


Software Engineer In Test Opportunities Available In The Microsoft Sync Framework team

If you are interested in the data synchronization space then we have opportunties available on the Microsoft Sync Framework team. Refer You can apply directly on Microsoft career site or use the contact link in this blog to send me your resume.  


SQL Azure Data Sync – Moving Schema from Compact Database to SQL Azure

Update 12/11: Fixing a typo in the code as pointed by the commenter. With yesterdays announcement of the Microsoft Sync Framework Power Pack for SQL Azure, we have had questions on how to move sync schema from SQL Compact database up to SQL Azure. The power pack only comes with tools to automate the sync schema…


Announcing Microsoft Sync Framework Power Pack For SQL Azure CTP

PDC 2009 starts today and Ray Ozzie and Bob Muglia kicked off todays keynote presentation. It gives me great pleasure to announce the public availability of the MSF power pack for SQL Azure. Its a CTP and we are really excited to see people download this and provide feedback around the direction we are heading…


MSF V2 DeepDive – Batching Directory and Batch Files

This is a continuation from the previous post I did explaining the new memory based batching feature for Database providers in MSF V2. Please refer to that post at MSF V2 CTP2 Deep Dive – Memory Based Batching. This is probably a good time to mention that the final version of MSF V2 has been…


PDC 2009 and Sync related sessions

PDC 2009 is next week and I wanted to have a quick post on some of the sessions about Microsoft Sync Framework. Using the Microsoft Sync Framework to Connect Apps to the Cloud  – Come hear how the Microsoft Sync Framework can be used to bridge on-premises data to SQL Azure and Windows Azure…


MSF V2 CTP2 Deep Dive – Memory Based Batching

Its been quite a while since I posted about MSF v2 CTP2. As promised in my earlier posts I will be doing a series of deep-dive of the new SyncServices features added in MSF V2 CTP2. Today I am starting off with the Batching feature. One of the most common feedback we received with the…