[Azure Batch] Server failed to authenticate the request

Today happen to work on this problem, where developer running unit test code creating Azure Batch Jobs in row and check the status in a tight loop getting forbidden error. Interestingly, it worked for him for the first couple of calls “job” creation but fails continuously after that in row. Grabbed the the fiddler log…


[Service Fabric] SF node fails to read DNS conf and fix

Recently SF developer reported this problem where his Azure Service Fabric > ImageStoreService(ISS) displayed a warning message due to one his secondary node down. This node was “down” all sudden without any change to his cluster/application. From the SF Explorer portal, we do noticed a brief warning message saying due to some unhealthy event, this…


How to specify VNet details when creating New-AzureBatchPool compute nodes

Recently I had an ask from a developer to check Azure Powershell Command let> New-AzureBatchPool script execution issue. He wanted to specify the VNet details as a parameter to this command so that the batch pool nodes would created with this detail. Unfortunately, we did not have any sample to refer or validate parameter. We…


How to suppress the warning message from an older API in Eclipse

While I was working for a repro, I struck with this issue for an hour scratching many things but searching links after link, finally got to know that we can actually suppress this warning instead fixing our references/packages.


Quick tip on Service Fabric Remoting service development

Azure Service Fabric needs no introduction. It is our next gen PaaS offering or also called PaaS v2. It’s been used internally for many years, tested and released as SDK for consumption. Some of the well known offerings like Az Sql, Az DocDB, Skype etc runs on Service Fabric. We already see developer community consuming…


How to list all available VM sizes in a region using .NET (ARM endpoint)

Today, I had a query from a developer asking how to silent authenticate and fetch the list of available VM’s sizes from a particular region using .NET code. They wanted to fetch this detail from their worker role more precisely. They wanted to call the URI as in this article silent authenticated https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/mt269440.aspx Method Request URI…


Accessing Azure Storage Services REST API

  First of all, I am not a big fan of implementing Service REST API due to complexity in implementation over easiness with SDK. I would vouch for SDK’s instead going through this lengthy route until unless you have any business compelling reason. The reason is, it would be confusing for the beginners, lot of…


How can I set a message to deadlettered – Service Bus

Today one of my colleague had an interesting problem in setting the SB Queue message as dead letter message. There are ton of sample around how to create DeadLetterQueue(DLQ) or move or read a DLQ message. But did not get a clear picture or documentation around “how one can set the message as Deadlettered through…


WIIFM-“Powershell available on Linux”

When I first read this announcement – https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/powershell-is-open-sourced-and-is-available-on-linux/, I thought what the heck we are trying to solve when “Bash/Python/Perl” Linux already has got for automation & scripting. But it is proved wrong after this video – https://youtu.be/2WZwv7TxqZ0 But once again, this is a very cool move from our Powershell team by opening up the…


Issue with Android Emulator running under Hyper-V (VM’s)

Recently I prepared a VM in our lab for checking an issue repro. The issue was with Android Studio running(Java code) hitting Azure Storage blobs throwing an exception for some weird reason. So quickly jumped in creating a Lab machine and installed all the software like Android Studio, ton of updates and 90+ packages having…