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[LFCS] Managing Software RAID

mdadm is a super cool command in Linux used to manage MD devices aka Linux Software RAID. Before we jump in, let’s see what is RAID. – –Redunant array of independent disks –if disk gets corrupted, then data loss –using RAID, if one disk fails, other will take over $ man page says this, RAID…


AI Revolution and resources

Before 1990, its was all CLI. Every software had commands & parameters. That was the standard of the Software development. Post that we had GUI based interfaces having buttons and mouse clicks. Around 1995, we had Internet Web UI as became the standard. After the success of smart phones in 2008, we saw more Responsive…


[LFCS] terminal multiplexer commands $ tmux

tmux, htop and bash-completion are the 3 useful commands for the exam. You can install them using $ apt install tmux htop bash-completion.Let’s see the commands for tmux, Session management:- $ apt install tmux -y $ tmux new -s <session-name> $ tmux attach -t <session-name> {continue to run in the bg if we detach} $…


[LFCS] Commands to manage and configure containers in Linux

– LXC(Linux container) is an OS level virtualization for running multiple isolated Lx systems (containers) using single kernel – LXC combines the kernel’s cgroups (Control Groups) to provide isolated space for our application – Lx kernel provides the cgroups functionality + namespace isolation –> cgroups is the brain behind the virtualization – cgroups provides {…


[Azure HPC] Intro to HPC and steps to setup CycleCloud in Azure

<update:9/2/2018> Aug 31, Our CycleCloud team hits general availability in Azure. It’s a tool for creating, managing, operating, and optimizing HPC clusters of any scale in Azure.Azure CycleCloud is available in the Microsoft Download Center, Azure Marketplace, and Azure Container Registry, • Azure CycleCloud announcement • Azure CycleCloud product page • Documentation • Azure CycleCloud…


[AAD] How to create Service Principal through CLI

There are multiple ways to generate the Service Principal for Azure AD. Say, through portal, CLI or PowerShell. I always used Azure portal for this registration. But started liking CLI way of generating principal which is very simple and easy to register and generate the required keys and move on. Yes, many times you would…


[Linux] How to login Azure Linux VM’s using SSH key pair

This post is for Linux newbies trying to figure out SSH way login to Azure Linux VM. I am following the steps explained here. Had seen many times our windows users struggle to get this right at first shot. Hope the below screenshots are clear to follow and achieve easy logon. Ps note, there are…


[Azure PaaS] Why to consider Azure PaaS?

Happy new year ! As a Technical Evangelist, I work with bunch of ISV’s where I meet technical architects for engagements which includes Architectural design talk, review or POC’s assistance. To me, its easy to work with and explain Uber architects vs PowerPoint architects who resist PaaS services aggressively and often describe it’s a burden…


[Linux] LFCS prep and easy way to remember commands

I’m into LFCS certification preparation for the past one year on and off. It is not an easy job for a beginner to digest the information spread across the topics ranging from basic commands to virtualization. I started as a Newbie to Linux, today having a considerable knowledge on Linux environment but still struggling to…