Axum for Visual Studio 2010 RTM is here!

The feedback we’ve received from our fans has been incredibly useful in shaping our approach to agent-based programming, safety and parallelism in general. It continues to play a role in our thinking about the next version of Visual Studio – known here as Dev11.

Since our last release, we were mostly involved in other projects, not the least of which is helping the rest of the team ship Visual Studio 2010. Now that the product is out the door, we were able to devote more effort to Axum, and today I’m happy to announce the availability of the latest release of Axum on DevLabs.

The main thrust of this release is making Axum language service (this is the component responsible for the syntax colorization and Intellisense) compatible with the Visual Studio 2010 RTM. We also fixed a few minor issues, but the language itself has remained largely unchanged.

This release is important to us because we want to keep your feedback coming. We also want you to get Visual Studio 2010 – not only will you be able to evaluate Axum, you will get your hands on such technologies as the Concurrency Runtime and the Parallel Extensions to .NET.

Artur Laksberg,

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  1. Antony Woods says:

    Keep it coming, chaps! We are excited!

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