What are you building?

Hello Axumites!

It’s been a while since we’ve last talked but many of you have silently been downloading the bits and surely some of you have actually been using them.  As we get further along in our prototyping/planning efforts we want to know how you’ve put Axum to work and what it’s done for you.

What have you built? We’re even interested in hearing about your toy apps. 

Did Axum benefit you?  If so, how? 

Tell us what the single most painful part of you experience was. 

Did you have an epitomic point where the agents model just made sense?

If you haven’t built anything, what would you want to build?  If you have, what do you plan to build next?

Keep experimenting!  We have a series of thought-provoking blog posts coming soon.

Program Manager, Axum

Comments (11)

  1. I’d like to alter my rigid body simulation (C#) to do collision detection in one domain and collision response in another; that way (I suppose?) responses could be calculated while new collisions are still found.

  2. TimB says:

    Adding native and distributed transaction support between agents (not via MSMQ over WCF but rather something more like SQL Service Broker) and persistable messages would be a great addition.

    For starters it would facilitate the building of a high performance and low latency enterprise Service Bus integrating e-commerce, warehousing and financial systems. Any plans for Axum to have features similar to Erlang OTP?

  3. SteveB says:

    I am in the proccess of building a near real time data aquisition framework (C#) based on MEF.  I am thinking of using Axum to enable computers on separate domains to perform processing of the incomming data. So the scenario would be this: Data is continuously received on one domain and then sent to different mutlicore computers for futher processing, storing or viewing. This would be a highly scalable system that would grow according to needs. I was looking the CCR because it has been released and proven but I am really interested in understanding Axum and its possibilities.

  4. I have built a basic network layer to process incoming and outgoing requests to achieve a large number of non-blocking agents, inspired by Stackless Python and CCP’s Eve Online.  Works nicely.

    I am in the process of desiging a system where you can specify a chain of agents to use to achieve a given goal, these agents can then be distributed however you like using the location-agnostic virtue of Axum.  Unfortunately, limited code on this front as yet.

    I am waiting for the day that Axum is available on the Xbox 360 🙂

  5. Kelly Bagley says:

    I built a model of my top-level components communicating with each other in a chain, with one component bypassing an analysis component when it recognized the input.

    I am looking forward to being able to pass a user-defined type (package) through the channels.

  6. JJ Lay says:

    I am using Axum to build an economic model to forecast industry demand and estimate required inventory levels.

  7. Ville says:

    I’m gonna try to build next version of Bonumite once it seems to be clear the Axum will be officially published as part of C# libraries or as a new language.

    Before that there is no mean to use more time and resources for this one.

    Loving the lang., waiting for the next phase.

  8. Ramooon says:

    I have some ideas to simulate crowd movement and I think I’ll try to create a POC with Axum ! Is it possible to use Axum with Silverlight 3 ?

  9. Ramooon says:

    Is there a way to reference a Axum class library ? It doesn’t work under Visual Studio 2010 ! When I try to add a project reference I get the message "Creating a project reference to a Axum project is currenty not supported." and when I directly add a reference to the compiled class library assembly the target project doesnt compile anymore: "agentclass already contains an entry for __AsyncRun"… Finally when I put everything in the same project everything works fine 🙁 Help !

  10. Suresh Kannan says:

    My application is on encoding procedures for air traffic control and simulating them. Perhaps also making them amenable to formal analysis. Modeling each player (AT controller, aircraft, radar etc). we are interested in simulation agents as hybrid systems that include continuous dynamics and discrete states.

    I want to encourage the excellent work you guys are doing.

  11. GJ says:

    Working with large (100k+)often cyclic networks of objects. The classes and relations are generated by users in a DSL so i can’t hand optimize it.

    Making it threadsafe with conventinal synchronisation immediately makes it 10x slower so now looking at Axum to see if it can make it scale to many cores better.

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