Axum 0.2.0 Released!

Are you excited?

We thought so.  We’ve been listening to some of your pain points with Axum 0.1.0 and went straight to the kitchen to cook up 0.2.0 - now available for your code-slingin’ pleasure.  We’ve fixed quite a few bugs and made some overall improvements. For example we’ve,

  • Added an installer for Visual Studio 2010 Beta1

  • Enabled parallel execution of functional nodes in dataflow networks

  • Made it possible to change fonts and colors of Axum language elements via Tools | Options | Fonts and Colors

  • Moved samples to a zip file to make using them easier

  • Introduced – an Axum command line compiler that doesn't require Visual Studio

  • Fixed the compiler error where the channel name was the same as the enclosing namespace name

  • Made handling of immutable primitive types more rigorous; fixed some side-effect related bugs

  • Added 'using System.Concurrency.Messaging' to the VS-generated template to make classes like OrderedInteractionPoint visible by default

  • Added the async method Microsoft.Axum.IO.Console.ReadLine

  • Added a spiffy Auction sample (A big shout out to Matthew Podwysocki for his help!)

Remember, Axum’s success and ability to improve your developer toolkit is very much dependent on your feedback.  Please try it, abuse it, and be very vocal about what you think on the forum.  We love to hear both good and bad things!

Axum 0.2.0 for Visual Studio 2008
Axum 0.2.0 for Visual Studio 2010
Axum Lite

Josh Phillips and the Axum Team

Comments (2)

  1. Lasse Espeholt says:

    Hi, I think Axum overall is a nice initiative. And will follow the development with great interest. But I have a simple question regarding the language specs.

    Why do I have to use a receive() "method" when you shoud’nt use a send() "method"?

    var adder = AdderAgent.CreateInNewDomain();

    adder::Num1 <– 10;

    adder::Num2 <– 20;

    // do something useful …

    var sum = receive(adder::Sum);

    Could have been written as:

    var adder = AdderAgent.CreateInNewDomain();

    adder::Num1 <– 10;

    adder::Num2 <– 20;

    // do something useful …

    var sum = adder::Sum; //Or something clean like this

    Or would that interfere with other features?

  2. iRat says:

    I found an VS error when formatting the Axum code. What should I do?



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