The State of Axum

Those who have followed this blog will have noticed that it’s been a long time since we posted anything new about Axum, and the time has come to state publicly that which may have been clear to some but not others, that we’re not currently pursuing productization. We have seriously examined the possibility of releasing…


Axum for Visual Studio 2010 RTM is here!

The feedback we’ve received from our fans has been incredibly useful in shaping our approach to agent-based programming, safety and parallelism in general. It continues to play a role in our thinking about the next version of Visual Studio – known here as Dev11. Since our last release, we were mostly involved in other projects,…


“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!”

Thus quipped the great writer Mark Twain after a newspaper supposedly prematurely published his obituary, and it seems oddly relevant to Axum right now. In this post on the Axum Forum, an Axum fan asks whether the language effort is dead or not. Let me say that it is more a question of hibernation than…


Axum at PDC!

Going to PDC this year?  We are too! Niklas Gustafsson, the Principal Architect on Axum (and some other jewels like the Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework and the Concurrency Runtime) will be giving a talk on Axum in the Innovation Track (here’s a link to the session’s abstract)!  The date hasn’t been set yet,…


Erlang at Yahoo!

Jebu Ittiachen and Arun Suresh of Yahoo! have written an interesting article for Dr. Dobbs about a prototype they’ve built for Yahoo! Harvester using Erlang. The performance gains they achieved are quite impressive. Some of the more interesting highlights/discussion points I’ve pulled from the article: The language itself is only part of the draw for…


Thought Exercise: Axum + F#

Our friend Matt Podwysocki posted a very fascinating look at why Axum and F# might make a happy marriage and what that coupling could look like.  We encourage you to take a look and post your comments! Great stuff – thanks Matt! The Axum Team

What are you building?

Hello Axumites! It’s been a while since we’ve last talked but many of you have silently been downloading the bits and surely some of you have actually been using them.  As we get further along in our prototyping/planning efforts we want to know how you’ve put Axum to work and what it’s done for you….

Asynchronous programming in .NET survey

Update:  The survey is now closed.  Thanks to all that participated! Axumites,   We’ve heard our customers’ frustrations with asynchronous programming and their call for improved support.  We are hoping to better understand why and how you and your customers use asynchronous programming in .NET and how the support we provide for it can be…

Axum 0.2.0 Released!

Are you excited? We thought so.  We’ve been listening to some of your pain points with Axum 0.1.0 and went straight to the kitchen to cook up 0.2.0 – now available for your code-slingin’ pleasure.  We’ve fixed quite a few bugs and made some overall improvements. For example we’ve, Added an installer for Visual Studio…


Yielding with Asynchronous Methods

It’s been two weeks since we released the CTP on DevLabs. Thousands of people have downloaded it, tried it out, and many have sent us their feedback – thanks for all your input! In the coming weeks we will be releasing a new build that will contain some bug fixes and a few suggested improvements….