How to configure DTC to support oracle transactions


 (1)Make sure you have MDAC 2.6, sp2 higher and make sure you have oracle client (we have lot of problems with oracle 8i client,We recommend to use oracle client 9i or higher)



((2)Make sure Network service account has read access to oracle client dlls.;en-us;816633




(2)Enable Xa transactions in MSDTC



(3)Make sure xadll, mtxoci value is set to mtxoci.dll








Update Oracle Client software registry keys.


If you use Oracle 8.1.7 or 9i Client software, modify the values of the following registry keys to make sure they match those that are specified as follows:


Client (windows 2003/Windowx xp/windows 2000)


For 8.1.7:









For 9i:












How to test:



(1)Make sure you are able to run simple query with oracle (without using any transactions)


(2)Make sure you enabled xa option in DTC and configure all oracle client settings like we discussed above


(3)If you want trouble shoot more, you can enable mtxoci trace to trouble shoot MSDTC/oracle problems;en-us;301293




More info:



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