MSDTC security model in windows 2003,sp1(same as windows xp,sp2)

//This content applies to windows 2003,sp1 and windows xp,sp2 machines Microsoft introduced MSDTC security in windows xp and windows 2003,If you didn’t configure MSDTC security settings properly,you may not able to run MSDTC transactions between two machines. like i explained in my previous blog (, MSDTC is RPC application,so MSDTC security model also some what…


How to change System.Transactions timeout?

System.Transactions actually has two timeout values that can be specified in the configuration files. In app.config, there is a “timeout” setting.  If this setting is not specified, it defaults to 1 minute.  But it can be overridden in code in the constructor for CommittableTransaction or TransactionScope.   In machine.config, there is a “maximum timeout” setting. …


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Microsoft seminars

Microsoft seminars is always good source to know more about Microsoft technologies, I hope these seminar sessions will help you Microsoft Distributed services seminars: MSDN Support WebCast: Building distributed services on the Windows Communication Foundation Support WebCast: Introduction to Microsoft Web Services Enhancements Support WebCast: Message Queuing Application and Architecture Design COM+ seminars MOREINFO:=========Microsoft semiars…


Transaction specifications(OLE/XA/TIP/WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity)

The WS specifications related to Transactions (WS-Coordination, WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity) XA transaction specification TIP transactions specification OLE Transactions Model



MSDTC is RPC application, so if you are running transaction between two machines, MSDTC will use RPC protocol to communicate with remote machine RPC is heart of all Microsoft Distributed application (not in web service world),MSDTC,COM,COM+ will use RPC protocol to communicate with remote machine. It is very easy to understand RPC basics, the way…



I found these blogs are very useful to know about MSDTC(I just want save you some time,adding all the blog links here)