How to create a hamburger menu control for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone

You’ve probably seen many apps on iOS and Android that have a “hamburger menu” layout control for their application.  This unfortunately is not an out-of-box control on Windows or Windows Phone and instead requires you to create your own custom built control for this UI paradigm. I’ve seen several apps on Windows or Windows Phone implement…


How to embed a WebBrowser control inside a Pivot Item in Windows Phone

I had an application that required a WebBrowser control within one of the PivotItem instances in a Pivot control.  There is nothing stopping you from having the Content property of the PivotItem be a WebBrowser control instance except that when you run the application, the WebBrowser interferes with the touch / swiping controls of the…


Determine OS versions and which GDR updates are installed on WP8 and WP7

In Windows Phone development, you’ll often need to know at run-time exactly which version of Windows Phone your application is running on.  To make this easier, feel free to use this static class below which provides you exactly which GDRs are installed and which version of the OS you’re running on. If you don’t want to…


Reclaim "other" storage space in WP8

If your device seems to be low on space, it’s possible that the “other” category is the culprit.  Try one of the below apps from Nokia or HTC to help you reclaim that space from your Windows Phone 8 device… Nokia: HTC:  


Why do I have multiple PayPal accounts in my WP8 Wallet?

If you’re like me and launched Wallet on your new Windows Phone 8 account and saw multiple PayPal accounts listed, you can easily remove the extras by navigating to (click the Payment Options tab if it doesn’t take you there through this link). Then click through each extra PayPal instance followed by the Remove link. …