How to embed a WebBrowser control inside a Pivot Item in Windows Phone

I had an application that required a WebBrowser control within one of the PivotItem instances in a Pivot control.  There is nothing stopping you from having the Content property of the PivotItem be a WebBrowser control instance except that when you run the application, the WebBrowser interferes with the touch / swiping controls of the…


Determine OS versions and which GDR updates are installed on WP8 and WP7

In Windows Phone development, you’ll often need to know at run-time exactly which version of Windows Phone your application is running on.  To make this easier, feel free to use this static class below which provides you exactly which GDRs are installed and which version of the OS you’re running on. If you don’t want to…


Windows Phone Performance Tuning Resources

Just thought I would share my list of resources that have helped me performance tune Windows Phone applications.  I highly encourage all developers to read these articles before they ever embark on creating a Windows Phone app. It’ll save you a TON of time accounting for performance issues from the beginning and also make your…


Windows Phone App Submission error: The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly. (2003)

The Windows Phone Marketplace has a big update yesterday. I tried submitting an update for one of my applications today and after selecting and uploading the assembly, I got a messaging saying that static validation completed with errors: The [NeutralResourceLanguage] attribute is missing on the entry assembly.(2003) To correct this error, you must go to…


Windows Phone 7 MAC address has arrived!

If you’re looking for your MAC address for your Windows Phone 7, you’ll need the March 2011 (NoDo) update.  That update displays your phone’s MAC address under SETTINGS > ABOUT.  If you’re not on the March 2011 (NoDo) update, then follow the instructions on using your WiFi router to determine your phone’s mac address.


Preventing TiltEffect on a WP7 ListBox item

I had some trouble disabling the TiltEffect on items inside a particular WP7 ListBox in my application.  I tried setting the SuppressTilt and the IsTiltEnabled properties on the ListBox as well as the StackPanel inside my DataTemplate and the ItemsPanelTemplate but all that failed to prevent the TiltEffect on each item in the ListBox.  If…


Stop Microsoft Lync contacts from syncing to your Windows Phone

I’ve noticed that all my Microsoft Lync (previously OCS) contacts show up in my Windows Phone People Hub (contacts/address book).  This is because Lync by default syncs all your contacts to your Outlook personal contacts.  And if you tried to delete those contacts from Outlook, they would just reappear again the next time Lync synced itself…


Remove unwanted Facebook contacts from your Windows Phone 7

I just got my Windows Phone 7 and added my Outlook, Windows Live, and Facebook accounts to the phone.  The phone automatically downloading and merging all my contacts from each source is GREAT! However, I quickly realized that I ended up with 800+ contacts in my People Hub making it a little overwhelming.  Especially since…