Collection of modern UI icon libraries on the web for FREE

If you’re not a natural designer, like myself, it can be really tough to put together a beautiful modern UI. Or maybe you are a good designer but just don’t want to reinvent the wheel and are looking for a collection of existing modern icons / graphics. Well, I found the following resources to be…


How to link style/resource dictionaries located in different assemblies in WinRT and SilverLight

If you’re architecting a modern application for Windows or Windows Phone for reuse or even for performance, you’ll quickly realize that putting everything in to the main application project isn’t the wisest of ideas.  When you start separating your views/controls into modules (separate projects), you’ll need to move your common styles into a separate resource…

Windows 8/8.1 Performance Tuning Resources

This is going to be a living blog post, but I plan to share some of the best resources on Windows 8 performance tuning here. If you want to contribute, please send me your resources!   Best practices on performance tuning Windows 8 applications:   Videos on Windows 8 performance tuning from BUILD 2013:

Open ISO files with File Explorer in Windows 8 natively

Just discovered that you can double-click an ISO file in Windows 8 and it’ll attach itself like a disc drive to your computer and browse it with File Explorer. Sorry PowerISO, but that’s yet another “utility app” that I don’t have to install on my computer anymore!!

Enable the Windows 8 delete file confirmation dialog

Updated: Same instructions for Windows 10 You may find that in Windows 8 / Windows 10, when you delete a file, you don’t get prompted to confirm whether you want to delete it or not.  If you press SHIFT+DELETE then you will get prompted. However, if you want to re-enable the delete file confirmation dialog, you…