Why do I have multiple PayPal accounts in my WP8 Wallet?

If you’re like me and launched Wallet on your new Windows Phone 8 account and saw multiple PayPal accounts listed, you can easily remove the extras by navigating to https://commerce.microsoft.com/PaymentHub/PaymentInstrument (click the Payment Options tab if it doesn’t take you there through this link). Then click through each extra PayPal instance followed by the Remove link. …

Open ISO files with File Explorer in Windows 8 natively

Just discovered that you can double-click an ISO file in Windows 8 and it’ll attach itself like a disc drive to your computer and browse it with File Explorer. Sorry PowerISO, but that’s yet another “utility app” that I don’t have to install on my computer anymore!!

Enable the Windows 8 delete file confirmation dialog

Updated: Same instructions for Windows 10 You may find that in Windows 8 / Windows 10, when you delete a file, you don’t get prompted to confirm whether you want to delete it or not.  If you press SHIFT+DELETE then you will get prompted. However, if you want to re-enable the delete file confirmation dialog, you…


Windows Phone Performance Tuning Resources

Just thought I would share my list of resources that have helped me performance tune Windows Phone applications.  I highly encourage all developers to read these articles before they ever embark on creating a Windows Phone app. It’ll save you a TON of time accounting for performance issues from the beginning and also make your…