Stop Microsoft Lync contacts from syncing to your Windows Phone

I've noticed that all my Microsoft Lync (previously OCS) contacts show up in my Windows Phone People Hub (contacts/address book).  This is because Lync by default syncs all your contacts to your Outlook personal contacts.  And if you tried to delete those contacts from Outlook, they would just reappear again the next time Lync synced itself to Outlook.  So to keep your OCS / Lync contacts out of your Windows Phone address book, there is a simple checkbox (as seen below) which you have to uncheck in the Lync Personal Settings.  See below:






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  1. abooalan says:

    The "Personal" Lync Option to "Save my Lync contacts in my personal contacts folder on the Exchange server" option is no longer showing in the Lync – Options. Any Idea how you stop the synching from happening in Lync 2013?

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Same for me. Where has this option (to turn off) gone?

  3. Pronto says:

    I don't see the option in "Skype for Business" and I want it to Sync. How can I do that?

  4. For Skype for Business, I'm not certain, but is your "Sync contact info between Lync and Exchange" checkbox unchecked?  It's under Settings > Personal > Exchange and Outlook Integration

  5. Kevin says:

    As the folks above stated, this option is not available for me as well to turn off. not in the options, i do have an option to turn off Exchange all together, will that solve this issue. looks like the only thing that will be affected is the calendar sync. Correct?

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