Mac Mojo is Moving

As of January 15th, 2008 Mac Mojo has moved to We love bringing you the official blog of the Macintosh Business Unit (Mac BU) so you can read and discuss insights from the team here at Microsoft that creates Office for Mac. But with Office for Mac about to make its big debut and…


RDC for Mac v2 Beta2 is Here!

From Mac Mojo Guest Blogger David Liu of the MacBU RDC team   Greetings from the MacBU RDC team! My name is David Liu and I am the program manager for Mac RDC 2.0. I am very excited to announce the availability of the public beta2 version of Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) Client for Mac 2.0….


Happy 20th PowerPoint!

Wow, PowerPoint is 20 years old. All of us on the PowerPoint team have been heads down working on the new version of PowerPoint and the PowerPoint Beta Converter so we totally missed this huge milestone. By the way, the PowerPoint Beta converter is now available and you can download it from here. It will…


Visit our Blogger Lounge at Macworld!

With Macworld 2007 almost upon us, we at MacBU are excited to be participating in this great conference again. In addition to our usual activities (booth presence, presentations, demos, parties, etc), we’re doing something new this year to support the Mac blogging community. We are sponsoring the first Blogger Lounge at Macworld, which will be located in Booth 702 of the Exhibit Hall…


Bay Area Mac users needed again!

You responded in droves when we last asked for usability test participants!  We have another usability study that Bay Area Mac users will be interested in. We’re doing another usability test of new features in both Entourage and PowerPoint. We need users who use Entourage at least once per week and PowerPoint once per month….


Closet space, the final frontier

The last event of C4 was a visit to Chicago’s Adler Planetarium, with a special behind the scenes (and beneath the stairs) tour of the computer room that runs the video conferencing room and the CyberSpace classroom.  Well, “room” is charitable.  “Closet” would be better.  “Crawlspace”, “pit” or “graduate student living arrangement” would also work.Contrary…


Checking out and checking in

C4 is over and I’m back in Seattle, which means these last two posts will be Almost Live-blogging C4.I get about 60 emails every day from a robot. Well, not a robot that moves around, but our version control system — the server that manages our project’s source code.  Every time someone checks in a…


The Peaceable Kingdom

More from Olof at C4.Curiously, there’s a lot less Microsoft bashing at C4 than there was at WWDC.  Sure, even at WWDC the Microsoft – Apple rivalry has gotten better-natured, but Microsoft used to get much worse treatment among the Mac indie developer community.  It has all changed.  The surprise guest of C4, a.k.a 14.2%…


Film at Eleven

It’s Olof again, liveblogging from C4.John Gruber took us on a tour of Apple User Interface last night, and talked about consistency and uniformity.  But he really got the thought provokage started with the observation   “Designing an app is like directing a movie.”There is a building wave of people thinking of software in cinematic terms. …


C4 is Teh Bomb

Hi – I’m Olof.  I guess I’m the first “guest blogger” on MacMojo.  I’m a developer on the Mac Office team, and for the weekend, I’m in Chicago at C4.I have a really strong sense of what C4 is going to be like, even though I’ve never been to one before.  In fact this is…