Mac Mojo is Moving

As of January 15th, 2008 Mac Mojo has moved to

We love bringing you the official blog of the Macintosh Business Unit
(Mac BU) so you can read and discuss insights from the team here at
Microsoft that creates Office for Mac. But with Office for Mac about to
make its big debut and a brand new website on the way, we decided to
give Mac Mojo a new home in the heart of Mactopia, the hub of all
things Mac at Microsoft. So stay tuned for a bigger and better Mac Mojo
coming to you on January 15th while we're showcasing Office
2008 at Macworld 2008 in San Francisco.

We'll be live from
Macworld 2008 with a brand new look for the Mac BU blog. Your RSS feeds
will be redirected starting Tuesday and over the next weeks we'll
transfer all of the Mac Mojo content to its new home.

Tune in
for all the news fresh from Macworld 2008 and the latest about
Microsoft for Mac products, including the new Office 2008 for Mac.
The Mac Mojo Team

Comments (13)
  1. Eric says:

    Cool! Good work getting Office out. Now, get it in my mailbox! 😀

  2. Messenger for Mac 7.0 says:

    Can we please have a little update on the status of this?

  3. hope that now that office is out you guys are gonna work hard on Messeger

  4. Ed says:

    Yes.. I argee.. work hard on the messenger.

    Anyway, Will the new blog include news on Messenger for Mac?

  5. Andre says:

    Whew! I thought I’d have to do a cache search to see if this blog is "archived"… wanted to keep the information around re: BFD rebates. So glad it’s still here, and the new mactopia & office for mac08 site looks *stunning*

    Looking forward to kick the proverbial tires around…

  6. Andy K says:

    I’m not impressed, yet, by the new site. Although I know myself well enough to expect I’ll get used to it.

    Although the central column, which contains the actual blog content, *really* needs to be wider. It’s currently  around or less than half of the page which, itself, is fixed width. Which is *never* acceptable in these days of hugely high resolutions and PDA browsers.

    Come on. This page gets it right. The side columns take up hardly any space, and the entire page is variable-width.

    Plus it would be rather nice if the current content was migrated. Checking two sites is a pain, when still trying to keep up with comments on old posts.

  7. Office for Mac says:

    Hi Andy K – Thanks for the feedback. The team is currently working on moving all previous posts to the new site.

  8. MacManWA says:

    …and you need to allow more comments to be shown per page.  I like to scroll through the comments as it works on this Web site.  Only showing 5 comments per page is crazy!  Not to mention the tiny font, and screen real estate issues that Andy K brings up above.

  9. Andy K says:

    Like MacManWA says, the five-comments-per-page limit is frustrating. I’m sure I’m not the only person who likes to be able to scroll through mane comments on the same page. By all means break up some of the longer ones threads. But maybe increase the per-gae limit to 20. Even 10 would be better.

    Plus it gets confused sometimes on which post you’re following. Using Firefox 2 on Windows Vista, if I open the pages for two different posts and then click on ‘Next Comments’, it sometimes lists the comment quantities for each other’s posts. Like "11-14" being the highest for the 30+ topic, and going into the 20s and 30s for the 14-post topic.

  10. MacManWA says:

    …and one more thing about the new Web site…

    When you click the links at the bottom of the blogs (1-5 | 6 – 10), etc. it takes you to weird points in the comments.  Instead of going to the top of the page, it seems to pick a random place on the next page of blog comments to position the page.  This is when viewed on Safari 3.0 (Leopard).  This is when using the pagination links at the bottom of the comments–I keep having to scroll back up to the top of the new page which is frustrating.

    Not sure if you are testing for Safari, but since this is a Mac blog I would think so.

  11. G.Jaeger says:

    Office 2008 for mac is great, still, there are some progress you team can make.

    The most important issue is the office quicklook plug-ins, I’d like to have my documents and presentations displayed in the quicklook rather than an icon colored blue or orange.

    Thank you~

  12. Thanks for the info on moving……..from an avid reader

  13. Is there a way to open Word 98 files either on the Mac with Office 2004 or Windows Office 2003 or 2007?

    I have tried and I get the file as garbage. With some text that is recognizable.  I do see W8BNMSWD.

    Any help appreciated.



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