To Do or Not To Do… That is the Question

That really is the quintessential question and it’s one that people have to answer multiple times each day. The ability to quickly mark items for follow-up, to have easily accessible ToDo lists and to have clear and useful views into deliverables is essential for effective time management and productivity. To this end, I’d like to share some of the significant investments we’ve made with Tasks and ToDos in Entourage 2008. Our work is by no means done – items like Task syncing with Exchange is definitely on our ToDo list but we hope you find the enhancements to Entourage 2008 as valuable as we do and that they go a long way in streamlining your day and making your time management and workflow that much more efficient.

First up is the concept of ToDos. We changed our approach to the flagging of messages and contacts – flagging these items now additionally classifies them as a ToDo. ToDos encapsulate the notion of time and include attributes such as a start date, due date and reminders. We felt that the ToDo concept made sense since a flagged message or contact is something you need to act on, something you need to do. ToDos are useful in a variety of situations. If you have to call a customer next Tuesday, you can easily flag the corresponding contact in your Address Book and set the due date for next Tuesday with a reminder for the day before. If you’re perusing your mail and need to re-read or reply to a message later on, you can flag the message and set the ToDo properties that are relevant for you.

ToDos are accompanied by infrastructure to help you organize, track and manage them effectively. The ToDos and Tasks views are integrated together resulting in a holistic view of your day and action items. I find this at-a-glance view super useful and use it frequently. I’ve also created custom views of Tasks and ToDos – these help me keep track of my work items in a way that’s manageable and compartmentalized.


Speaking of Tasks, Task creation is easier than ever before. We consider Tasks a first class citizen alongside Mail and Contacts. The ability to set due dates and reminders is integrated in the Task creation process, making the whole experience fast and seamless.


Tasks can be accessed from within the Calendar view as in Entourage’s earlier incarnation. However, the new filter options and the new Task creation bar afford greater flexibility and utility – I’ve often looked at the events on my calendar and remembered something I needed to follow up on. I find that instantaneously creating a Task from the Calendar view saves me valuable time.


We also have some cool integration of Tasks and ToDos with various other Mac Office 2008 apps. MyDay displays Tasks and ToDos which are associated with the particular day you’re viewing in MyDay. I can print out my day from MyDay and it lists not only my meetings but also all the deliverables which I need to get done on that particular day. Totally useful for times when I’m on the run. The integration with the Notebook Layout View in Mac Word 2008 is handy for situations when you’re jotting something down and know you’ll need to follow-up. Creating a Task on the fly and associating it with that document ensures that you’ll have a placeholder for tracking that item and also ensures that it won’t slip through the cracks.

Since we’re all about productivity, information management and making your life easier, I’d like to offer a couple of tips to help keep things sane. When you’re finished with a Task, mark it as complete. When you’re finished with a ToDo item, mark it as complete or unflag it. This may seem really minor, but believe me, it adds up. In our research, we’ve found that people don’t cultivate these habits and the end result is large and unwieldy Tasks and ToDo lists. It’s less distracting and much less taxing on the brain to deal with fewer items on your todo lists (you know you agree with me about that!) so try these tips out and see how you go!

As you might have read on recent blog posts, we’ve reached RTM and our launch at Macworld is fast approaching, so it’s only a matter of days before you’ll be able to explore Mac Office 2008 firsthand. And by taking advantage of the new features in Tasks and ToDos, we hope you’ll spend less time wondering whether To Do or not To Do and more time wondering what to do with all that free time 🙂 .

Sumitra Sujanani

Comments (56)

  1. MacManWA says:

    I can’t believe you feel confident using a statement like "significant changes in ToDo’s" when you haven’t even included the ability to sync them to Exchange.

    Mind telling us what your ToDo due date is for Exchange sync-ing?  2012, next version of Office?

  2. Andy K says:

    "Our work is by no means done – items like Task syncing with Exchange is definitely on our ToDo list…"

    Sounds like it’s not happening this time around, then.


    You do realise that this highly reduces the usefullness in a business environment? It doesn’t matter how much better Entourage handles Tasks inside itself, if I can’t see my Outlook/Exchange tasks when I use the office Mac then it’s useless. When we upgrade it to Office 2008, all of the improvements will be 100% unnoticed by me, as they’ll be in a function I can’t even use.

    And I’m sure I’m not alone.

  3. I can’t believe that to-do’s still won’t sync with Exchange. This is incredibly disappointing, given that we’ve waited four years for this update.

  4. Michael P. Schnabel says:

    Question.. what about links to contacts for To Do’s and for Calendar events? The linking function was poor under vs 2004 and if you had to rebuild, you would loose all links. Is linking better under 2008?

  5. David says:

    Hope your team could launch Chinese Version…

  6. Geoff says:

    What’s the desktop image used in all of these promo screenshots? Can we get a copy? My wife will kill me if I don’t find out.

  7. Yifan says:

    Will you launch other launguege version?

    Such as Chinese? Thanks!

  8. Tomislav says:

    Hi everyone,

    I hope when you release in 2012 year another version of office for mac that this version would have essential feature for corporate exchange user. Until than we must use this version because (for now) we don’t have much of option. I think user which are independent of exchange environment don’t use office for mac because they have much better option.

    I was hoping for feature which outlook user have for 7 years and still hoping.


  9. Aslam Nathoo says:

    It isn’t clear to me after reading this post what the difference is. They seem like the same thing to me. Why do we need two types of these items?

  10. Aslam Nathoo says:

    I will often times flag a message in a folder to make it easier to find again. For example, I’ve got a folder with messages pertaining to a particular project. One or more of the messages may contain an important piece of information (maybe the password to our FTP server) that I would like to flag so I can easily find it. I (and I think others) will typically flag that message to make it stand out. That doesn’t mean I need to act on it, it just means I needed to flag it.

    Can the user turn off automatic ToDo-ing of flagged messages? If not I would highly suggest that you put that really high on your ToDo List?

  11. Rolf says:


    will filling out still be as clumsy as it is now with Entourage2004? I mean, do I have still to check the box first to put in a date (small calendar will not be clickable)?

    And who the hell had the idae to male "MyDay" look like candy (hurting my eyes)


  12. Aslam Nathoo says:

    If I can’t sync tasks to the Exchange Server then it means that I will still need to use Outlook in Parallels to get the job done on my Mac. That also means that I will likely not be purchasing 2008 when it comes out.

    I think the flood of disappointed comments on this page should indicate to you how important FULL exchange support it. Full support means being able to do everything one can with Outlook running in Parallels in Entourage.

    Outlook Tasks are a critical part of my workflow. I will often times delegate assignments using by creating a task and then assigning it to someone. Because it also leaves a small footprint in my Outlook, I have something to remind me to follow up with that person to see if they have completed the task. Once they have completed the task, I get an alert and then it is crossed off my list as well. This is a critical workflow and I can’t live without it.

    Please finish off the features of Entourage which will allow it to have FULL Exchange support. You guys are smart, you’ve had a few weeks since RTM. I’m sure you can do it and have it ready for us by Macworld!! 🙂

  13. Mirko says:

    @Andy – Same here. As long as Exchange sync is not done, I will stay with Office 2004.

    "ask syncing with Exchange is definitely on our ToDo list…"

    As an update to 2008 or with with the next Office?

  14. Andy Ruff says:

    ToDos (the flags on messages and contacts) have start and due dates WILL synchronize with Exchange and Outlook.  Tasks do not sync with Exchange.

    @Michael P. Schnabel – we changed the rebuild process for the database to no recover significantly more data including existing links, categories, project assignments, etc.

  15. Vinod says:

    Wow… I dont understand why you dont get this… we are not looking to get this look pretty… need  to be able to sync with exchange… that was the only important thing I was really looking for on this release.

    I am amazed that you can get away with not putting it on there.

  16. Niels says:

    Entourage without Exchange sync is a joke. If you do not plan to make it usefull then just kill it.

    Does someone in MS think that making Entourage less compatible with Exchange will somehow convince companies not to go with Macs?

    Have you considered that there is a growing number of alternatives to Exchange out there with crossplatform support?

  17. Andy K says:

    "Tasks do not sync with Exchange"

    This is a dangerous to reveal just before the product hits availability.

    Ticking off potential customers at this point means you run the risk of people being very disenchanted when they may otherwise be buying the product – as the annoyance (and feeling of betrayal) is very fresh.

    If this information had been made available (say, for existance, when people were clamouring for it last summer…) then people would be resigned to the lack of functionality by now and maybe more prepared to do without it.

    Revealing it at this late stage, it’s just annoying. Anybody not already covered by a volume licensing agreement, and who doesn’t need much in the way of DOCX compatibility, may well be looking at holding off on getting Office 2008 – or avoiding it entirely.

  18. pathetic reject says:

    I just lost all of my To Dos because they weren’t synced to Exchange. Now I have to restore them from a backup.

    Without Exchange synchronization, To Do’s are almost worthless. Any "enhancements" besides Exchange sync are wasted effort on the part of the MacBU.

  19. Tom says:

    At the risk of simply echoing most of the other comments, any feature that does not sync with Exchange is WORTHLESS.

    Your team simply seems to have ZERO comprehension about how huge this ability is to the WHOLE user sphere. You are sat on the verge of letting hundreds of thousands of people use their OS of choice in a productive manner every day.

    PLEASE please please get this right and get proper full MAPI support into Entourage.

  20. Kevin says:

    No Exchange task sync kills this release for me too.   🙁

  21. Histrionic says:

    Fwiw, I’m an Exchange user as well as an Entourage user, and I could personally care less about task sync.

    The only reasons I’d want task sync support is to get tasks that other people assign to me (which no one does in my organization, from what I can tell, even if they’re on Outlook) and to have my tasks, which I manage in other applications on my Mac (think Sync Services or the Calendar Store in Leopard, with applications like Life Balance, Things, or OmniFocus), be in my Exchange mailbox.

    I think it’s safe to say that of the intersection of Entourage/Mac and Exchange users, only a subset use tasks. I don’t know how large that subset is — it could be 10% or 90%. Granted, if you are one of those people and you don’t even have the possibility of using them with Exchange, I feel your pain.

    One problem I see with tasks (somewhat like calendaring) is that it is a very personal activity. Many people use and benefit from different styles of organizing their calendar and tasks, so I’d want Entourage’s support to be as generic and flexible as possible. That way, I can use the to-do app that makes the most sense to me personally, yet I’d still like the other benefits of my tasks on Exchange for collaboration purposes.

  22. eponymous says:

    I’ll be giving my money to someone else.

  23. Allan Crowson says:

    Polite words are insufficient to describe how bone-headed it is not to include better Exchange compatibility.

    It’s the recurring theme in dozens of posts here and perhaps hundreds elsewhere.

    Your own advertising even seems to promiset something better for Exchange compatibility for the higher-priced versions Office:Mac. Now you sound as though that extra-cost feature is to be taken with a grain of salt and a few paragraphs of fine print.

    Add it at a later date? Well, it’s only been since 2001, so I suppose we’re right on schedule. You said that it’s on your to-do list. Maybe that’s the problem. You’ve got it on an Entourage to-do list and you can’t synchronize it with Microsoft’s corporate Exchange infrastructure!

    Fortunately, other non-MS alternatives are increasingly available, either as total replacements for Outlook/Exchange compatibility, or for sync’ing with Exchange.

  24. Samantha says:

    At least my corporate Outlook web access, when used from a Mac, properly alerts me that I’m a 2nd class citizen.  It reports, "Outlook Web Access Light".

    Entourage should be renamed to Outlook Light, and for that matter, the rest of this office suite for Mac needs the same name change.

  25. Wooster says:

    When we are paying PREMIUM for Office 2008 WITH Exchange support we should expect no less than FULL EXCHANGE compatibility (at the very least Tasks and To Do syncing)!!! This just have to be included in updates to 2008. Remember that Exchange support increased much in Office 2004 during it´s lifetime (11.2 and 11.3) – there is no excuse not to fix this soon with a update…!!!

    I can not see any other reason for leaving this out than a M$ corporate decision in an attempt to keep the Mac out of corporate environments.

    Vista disaster, Mac gaining market share, HD-DVD dying and Apple´s unbelievable turnaround (doomed by everyone except us old Mac users – now watched by everyone) with a very good start to this millennia with Mac OS X, iPod, Intel transition and last but not least the iPhone. No wonder M$ is trying to FUD their way back in into consumers minds and above all corporate structures.

    Just my to 2 cents

  26. Nick says:

    Until task syncronization with exchange is implemented, you have utterly failed with this release and have done your customers yet another disservice.

    The fact that this was not a high priority feature from day one of developement demonstrates your lack of concern for the needs of your customers.

    Thanks for living up to my expectations.

  27. Eric says:

    What about syncing task/to-do list items with iCal? If I don’t have a way of getting them to my iPhone, I won’t use them.

  28. Kevin Menard says:

    As an additional note, when Exchange support is finally added, please don’t make it Exchange 2007 only.  I really don’t want to be in the unenviable position of having to upgrade a perfectly fine production server to satisfy a few Mac users.  That would be just as useless as having no support at all.

  29. Richard says:

    Just adding my voice to the cries of "What gives?" with no task syncing. Yet again, MS over-promises and under-delivers. We were promised Exchange support in Office 2008, and this blog reveals feature after feature that won’t be available. Why should I buy Office 2008 when Exchange support is all I really want. This is yet another example of MS providing a software update that doesn’t provide nearly enough value-added for the cost (CRM 4.0 might be an exception…)

  30. Chris says:

    What level of Exchange Support is available in the version of Office "with Exchange support"?  I just ask because I don’t want to pay a whole lot of extra money when Exchange support continues to be <i>massively</i> limited.

    I still really want to know how you justify asking people to spend upwards of £200 for this release, which is essentially improvementless.  Get ready to bury your heads in the sand, Microsoft, cos we ain’t gonna love this release.

  31. Andy says:

    Well, I was really excited about Mac Office 2008 a couple of months ago, but then I had to replace my iMac and since Office 2004 was not a universal application, I did not install it on a new machine. Instead I installed iWord 08, and during these 2 months I’ve grown up with that software so much, that I no longer need Office 2008. If you had come up with this release a bit sooner, you would have saved one of your costomers. Anyway, nice to see it finally shipping. Maybe I’ll consider it again in next release (Office 2012??)

  32. Bart says:

    very sad, we are migrating off of exchange because of poor mac/nix support

  33. When will be released new messenger:mac 7 ??

  34. Geoff says:

    Regarding Eric’s question of syncing with iCal and ultimately the iPhone, you can already do that with the past several updates to Entourage 2004. Prefs -> Sync Services -> Sync with Address Book and Sync with iCal. There are a few caveats, such as event categories not translating into multiple iCal calendars, but as a whole it works fine.

    I have a niggle with Entourage that I hope is fixed: have you enabled Left-Right scrolling a la Mighty Mouse in the Entourage preview pane? When I get a wide HTML message in 2004, I have to use the scroll bars to go left and right … rolling the ball sideways only goes up and down.

  35. Geoff says:

    Re: Eric again

    I see now that you were specifically asking about syncing tasks and to-dos to iCal, not events.

    Even if these could sync between Entourage 2008 and iCal, Apple still doesn’t sync to-dos on your iPhone … even if you make them in iCal or Mail. That’s a downfall in Apple’s design, not Microsoft’s.

  36. Ian says:

    There are two things people wanted out of Office 2008:

    -Universal Binaries

    -Better Exchange/Office 2007 integration

    We are not getting real exchange support and we’re losing macro compatibility, so the only real reason to upgrade is increased speed on Intel machines. Not very compelling, especially with Pages/Keynote/Numbers/Mail rapidly gaining ground.

  37. Suresh Kumar says:

    Well done to the Microsoft team in shipping (what we hope and from what weve heard) is an excellent Office product for the Mac.

    You guys had a lot of work to do to pull this off — switching your codebase to XCode and upgrading to the new Office functionality.

    Really looking forward to it.

    – Im sure you guys will get on with the To Do/Task synch updates in a service pack update?

    – Also, i hope you respect the Mac platform, and integrate Calendar/Tasks with iCal also.


  38. Entourage is a far cooler name than outlook right? (hehe) Well, entourage has helped me a lot in my work. It served as my main organizer and my PDA as a secondary because I spend more time in my desk than on the field. Having a great program for organizing my life such as this is an essential tool to keep me on track. I am surprised that you guys thought of something to add in your already great product. Thanks and good luck on your launch for office 2008!

  39. Dude says:

    IS there anyone out there that is really surprised that Entourage is continuing to languish in terms of Exchange support?

    We have been asking for it for years and all the MBU can offer up is: "the Chewbacca Defense…"

    In other words inane/unrelated/useless bits of technology that have nothing to do with what we are asking for…

  40. Andy K says:


    The really sad thing about the whole situation is that what you say is harsh, but hits the nail square on the head.

    It’s clear that the MacBU team have true passion for their product,
    and for the Mac platform. But someone, somewhere, in marketing and
    direction, is deciding that what people are vocally asking for is
    unimportant, and that logically less-useful features are what is needed.

    And it’s stuff that shouldn’t even need to come from blog comments, let alone feedback channels.

    Logically, it ought to be a complete no brainer about what is needed.

    It’s not comparable features.

    It’s not even compatible features.

    We need the same suite, with the same applications, and the same
    feature-set, across both platforms. Anything else makes no logical
    sense whatsoever.

  41. Gabe k says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  Who cares about fancy drop shadows and image galleries and other useless crap if I can’t sync my tasks so I know what to do.  I need my tasks on my exchange server on my computer on my phone on my assistants computer to make my life work.  I find it amazing that this would not have been a MUST HAVE FEATURE.

  42. John W says:

    Just read this AFTER purchasing… Looking forward to taking this useless product back. Thanks again, Microsoft.

  43. Bill N says:

    I have waited with apparently everyone else here for YEARS just to get TASKS and NOTES synching with our exchange server.

    Who on earth are you people talking to about features?? 99% of everyone that is a licensee of Office 2004 complains about the same thing…NO EXCHANGE SYNC.

      They have been doing 100% exchange sync on a Blackberry (wirelessly at that) for years now.

      This is simply disgusting. An expensive, yet worthless (and pointless) upgrade.

  44. Simon WB says:

    It is hard to believe not including full exchange syncing for tasks etc is an accident. It is obviously commercially foolish – it was clear this was a must have for users. So why not include this functionality.

    If at all possible, make an updgrade release to address this. Until then it is not worth the money.

  45. Richard Lionberger says:

    I just installed 2008.

    Tasks are absolutely useless until they sync with Exchange.

    Another example of Microsoft’s incompetence.

  46. Mark says:

    Once again, ill add my vote. Better Exchange support, not prettier UI’s please!

  47. Dude says:

    After looking at the product (now that it is out) I can only come to this conclusion:

    Microsoft is intentionally holding back the features from the Mac version that users are asking for, with the sole purpose of making the Mac version a less capable client (especially in the business world).

    My reasons:

    1) Exchange, what better way to cripple the Mac in the business world then to make it 3rd rate in terms of connectivity.

    2) Mac numbers on the rise. MS has to be aghast that people are buying Macs in record numbers. Each sale represents a lost PC (and there-by lost Windows and potentially Office licsence). Most likely those users leaving the PC platform aren’t coming back anytime soon.

    3) MS attempts to cripple the Mac platform in canceling Internet Explorer, Media Player, etc have met with a resounding thud. Does anyone miss these? Lets call it what it was/is: a peevish move on MS’s part. Lets not even start with just where did MS get the code for Media Player from…

    I also understand Apple applauding MS for the recent release @ Macworld. However it does not blind me nor do I take them at face value. It sounds good, makes great PR that Apple and the MBU worked really hard on this… the truth I’m willing to bet is this: Microsoft (the part that isn’t the MBU) is absolutely horrified as to how to take on Apple, this is the only strategy that they can take right now…

    The sad thing is that MS believes this is still the 90’s where they can do whatever they want to whomever they want. Got news for you MS, the technology Dark Ages are over, and your tactics of yesteryear won’t work anymore.

    At this stage of the game What are the compelling reasons for using Office right now….

    <insert sound of chirping crickets here>

    I can do everything I need to in any number of Apps: Abi-Word, Neo Office, Open Office (yes even those slackers got to Intel before you). etc, etc… The only reason for many to care is Exchange. And I know of plenty of companies that are sick of the MS "triple tax" of licensing… and if Exchange gets removed (the real monopoly in the business world so goes Office).

    For all of this I do not fault the MBU; you guys are in a tough situation as far as I can see. Unfortunately for you guys you don’t have a Captain (or at the time Cadet Kirk) to rewire the "Kobayashi Maru", which incidentally is what you might want to start advertising this release as…

  48. Eric Tilenius says:

    Very nice UI changes, but also TOTALLY USELESS.  I have multiple computers (home, work, and laptop) and need to SYNC my TO DO’s to get them on the computer wherever I am (or to access them via Outlook Web Access).

    It’s maddening that tasks / TO DO’s do not sync with Exchange!

    This is a critical error, and needs to be corrected AT ONCE.

    Unfortunately, when I went to Macworld, the team there had no workaround or way I could sync tasks.  This is a MAJOR omission and renders the tasks completely useless.

    What good is it for me to put in tasks at work, then find I cannot access them at home or via a web browser while on the road?

    Ugh.  Please, don’t pretend you made something nice here.

    RULE # 1:  I must have all my data accessible, from anywhere, at anytime.

    Putting features in that create local data that does not sync is rubbish.

    Please fix this ASAP, Microsoft.  This is really critical!

  49. MacManWA says:

    I completely agree with Dude’s comments above.

    Needless to say Microsoft’s silence on this matter speaks volumes.  

    Microsoft, please prove us wrong–explain to us why you did what you did.  Otherwise, it just seems that you used the previous 4 years to move to Intel (other companies with products just as large did it in half the time) and gave us lots of new UI with a feature parity list (with WinOffice)  that has holes you could drive a semi-truck through.

  50. Adam Sneller says:

    I don’t get it.  Entourage 2004 already has the ability to link Tasks to Contacts, Notes and Email.  Why would you create a new field called a "To Do" to replicate this?

    And To Do’s will sync with Exchange but Tasks will not???  Are you planning on phasing out "Tasks"?

    Can we expect a Service Pack that will add Exchange support for tasks?


  51. Dude says:

    But Hey We Got "My Day" WOOOOHOOOO Now my day is complete <pun intended>….

  52. Emmanuel says:

    No TODO syncing with exchange, means my smartphone  won’t get my TODO list, which is indeed very disappointing.

    By all means, this version of Office is really better than the previous that, and I give you credit for that.

    But come on, either I have missed something, I’d rather have a simple TODO list with synchronization rather than a super system like this one without synchronization.

    Synchro also means backup to me, and I don’t want to take the risk EVER to loose my TODO list. Happened once, never again!

  53. Scott Bartlett says:

    If you think the lack of Task/Sync support is bad, let me throw in a real curve ball coming at us, albeit mostly from the future:   SharePoint.

    It’s a slow burn, but SharePoint is increasingly appearing as ‘backend’ component for Exchange servers.  Public Folders are dead, SharePoint is the future (at least in M$ speak) and of course brings document and workspace handling to the Exchange party.  

    Of course, Outlook integrates with SharePoint… and, um, Entourage doesn’t….

    This has just hit me as a show-stopper as we’re deploying SharePoint here.  No SharePoint integration means I’m back to Outlook… 🙁

    (OK, I know, let’s leave the merits (or not) of SharePoint for another blog… 🙂

    Oh yep, and on the ToDo vs Tasks thing in 2008: I’m confused too.  I can turn an email into a ToDo (as a ToDo, if I understand, is just a "flag" on an email or a contact), but I can’t turn an email (or text inside it) into a "task" though.  I can’t turn a ToDo into a Task. I can’t select a bit of text and right-click and say "Make New Task from this bit of text". I don’t "do" emails and contacts, I do the things requested *by* them… !!

    (Rather interestingly, the "Help" for Entourage 2008 says "You can create *tasks* to keep track of the things that you have *to do*".  Er, wouldn’t that be a ToDo and not a Task for something I have "to do" ?!?! No wonder we’re all confused…



  54. Slideri812 says:

    I too am disappointed in many aspects of this suite. Please, I already have a great looking system, I was looking for an Exchange compatible version. But some big brain decided I didn’t need that because I use a MAC, or that I would never consider connecting to an exchange server.

    Other issues as I tried migrating from iCAL, Mail and Address Book. There is no forward support for multiple calendars from iCAL to ENT. and my contacts from inside Mail were not carried over, nor where the references to replies sent. ENT also erased all saved passwords from Mail. I hate the auto launch of MyDay, please, you could have built a widget instead.

    I was really looking for ENT. to function as a two way conduit between my applications that have 5 – 7 years of collected data, and Exchange, to share this info, manage contacts and relationships with SharePoint support and have the exchange of calendar events and todo’s as I know then from iCAL.

    Spare me the eye candy, I got plenty of that right out the box with my MAC. What we have been waiting for are the tools that would provide complete and seamless information integration with exchange and the subsequent benefits of this.

    Thanx once again for pushing out a looser app. I use keynote and Pages now and will stick to 2004 or find another exchange compatible CRM for my MAC. I could have cared less about the GUI. Information is king, I thought you knew that? Based on what I have seen I can only conclude that MS is not serious about having a place in the blended work environment on MAC’s.

  55. Harry Zink says:

    Oddly enough, iCal (CalDAV) server seems to be able to handle tasks synchronization quite well. It’s nice to see that while one company does absolutely nothing (yes, that’s you, MacBU) another actually seems engaged in a forward progression towards their customers’ needs.

    In terms of the MacBU doing absolutely NOTHING, and being thus, just like their product, absolutely USELESS:

    – Still no better delegates support than 2004

    – Still only a single monolithic database, with propensity to lose data (despite promises of "it’s much more stable")

    – Still no MAPI support

    – Still crappy work around needed to make Entourage work on Exchange

    – Stil no support for Exchange tasks, or other Exchange functions,

    but :

    – I’m glad that resources were allocated in the midst of all this to provide us with a shiny new version of MS Messenger (which, just like Office, sucks and brings little new)

    – I’m glad the MacBU spends time writing pretty blogs, with little content, but heavy on patting yourselves on the backs.

    Well, I know I’m going to push more and more (real: all) of my clients towards alternatives, and as we move forward, there are better and better alternatives.

  56. Arman says:

    Not being able to assign tasks is a serious oversight.  Its a good product BUT corprate users need this function.

    It is a dealbreaker.

    It’s like a Mercedez needing not having windshield wipers.  How can you overlook something this essential and basic.

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